Writer's Toolboxmrs. Parker's 6th Grade L.a. Class

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  1. Writers Toolboxmrs. Parker's 6th Grade L.a. Classes
ParkerWriterWriters toolboxmrs. parkerWriters toolboxmrs. parkerWriter

Deb Roussell We are a 6th grade science class that would love to exchange postcards with other schools. If you are interested please e-mail me at: email removed Thank you, Deb Roussell Fowler School Maynard, Ma. Parker Monthly Newsletter January Newsletter-Writing Unit This writing unit will introduce students to the fact that ideas for narrative, persuasive, and expository topics can be found everywhere; especially from ordinary moments in time. Now that the outline writing process is complete, students will move forward in the writing process. These books will cost $25 cash or check made out to Parker Middle School. I'm pretty sure I ordered a yearbook already but LifeTouch keeps sending me emails telling me to buy the yearbook? The LifeTouch marketing team doesn't track who has ordered and who hasn't.

Writers Toolboxmrs. Parker's 6th Grade L.a. Classes

Sunny Weber on Writing About Animals

Love animals? Would you like to learn how to write about them more effectively? Come and let author, speaker, behaviorist and general animal expert teach you how to write about them realistically.​
About Sunny
Sunny is the author of three books of Middle Grade fiction about dogs: From Wild to Mild, the Dog at the Gate, and Hurricane Dog, as well as two works of non-fiction: Beyond Flight Or Fight, and Dog Walking Safety and Etiquette.
Sunny is also an advocate for animals. She lives with rescued dogs Her back yard is a Certified Backyard Wildlife habitat for birds, squirrels and other animals.
Please Note:
Not all members of Parker Writers Group are members of Meetup, so the RSVP numbers on the page will not reflect actual attendance.
Typically between 12-20 writers are on hand for a PWG meeting.

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Sunday, March 8
Parker Library
Second Floor Conference Room

Sunday, March 29
Sorry, our constructive critique for this month has been canceled.
Please sign up for your reading slot on our Meetup Page
Parker Library
Second Floor Conference Room


Sunday, April 29
2:00 - 4:00 Speaker: TBD
The Parker Writer's Group constructive critique group
​has been suspended until further notice.
Please sign up for your reading slot on our Meetup Page
Parker Library
Second Floor Conference Room