Vista 256mb Ram Patch

Posted By admin On 19/08/21

1.) Copy your Windows Vista CD or DVD to your computer.
2.) Download this file here. Click the Link below to download it.
3.) After the Vista CD or DVD is copied to you computer and the file is downloaded then start the file. Sometimes some virus scans says this file is a virus. It’s NOT. When the file is started click the “CRACK” buton
4.) Now, navagate to the files of your Windows VIsta CD or DVD that you copied to your computer.
5.) At the bottom of the Open winsetup.dll windows select All files in the drop box where it says File of type.
6.) Open the Sources folder.
7.) In the file name box of the Open windows type “winsetup.dll” then press open.
8.) Press the PATCH button again. If the Open winsetup.dll windows Opens again just close it.
9.) Now close the Patcher program.
10.) Now navagate to the Vista Files you copied with Windows Explorer.
11.) Double Click Setup.
12.) Follow the Windows Vista Setup to install Windows Vista
Your’re Done.

Please give me a post of what you think about this advice. I would like to have feedback so that I can make this post easier to understand. Mac tool for screenshots windows 10.

Vista 256mb Ram Patch Download

Vista 256mb ram patch

Vista 256mb Ram Patch 9.16

Vista 256mb Ram Patch

Vista 256mb Ram Patch 3.0

Windows Vista, 7 and 8 include an option on the install DVD to perform a small number of important repair and recovery functions, but the chances are you didn't get an install DVD with your computer. In this case, you need to create a repair disc in Windows. With only 256MB of RAM, those programs are going to be even more useless than normal. If you want to increase performance on that system, look to double (or better) the amount of RAM.