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So February 1, 2005, 0800 hours..

..this begins the inquiry into the mission..

..herein referred to as

Operation Provide Support.

Commander Axe, do you have

anything to say before we begin?

Well, sir, it's actually

more of a question than a statement.

Can I have a beer?

You may not have a beer. But you may

stand up and raise your right hand.

Do you swear to tell the truth,

the wholetruth and nothing but the truth..

- so help you God?

- Yeah.

Sir, am I on trial here?

I got the word aboutwearing the dress whites,

and now we're doing the whole oath thing--

For now this is not

an officiallegal proceeding.

Think of it as an informal conversation.. sort out exactly what happened here.


We got over a dozen casualties..

..some structures destroyed,

a few vehicles destroyed.

This littledisaster is gonna

Unofficial Aw Fan Controlalienware User Support

take some serioussorting out.

That's why I suggested the beer.

I'll ask you not to waste my time,

Commander Axe.

- Now can we begin?

- You're the boss, sir.

Let's start with how you first became

involved in this operation.


Uh, that kind of depends.

There's kind of the official beginning

and then the unofficial beginning.

You know what I mean?

Right. Well, uh, okay..

this wholething began.. in bed.

A couple of weeks back, I just started

seeing a lady by the name of Donna.


You're not so tough.

I bet I could beat you.

Oh, yeah? How's that?

Well, first, I make you weak.

- Aw.

- Tire you out.

And then when you leastexpect it..

I attack.

Pretty good.

You should come by and

teach the teams a few moves.

You shouldteach my

husband a few moves.

Wait a second.

Your husband? You're married?

Unofficial aw fan controlalienware user support software

Oh, don't be that way. It's fine.

Uh, well, no. Actually, uh, it's not fine.

- I kind of have a thingabout that.

- He barelylooks at me now.

It's like he's not even my husband anymore.

He's just--

Oh, my God. He's here.


I don't understand.

He shouldstill be in D.C.

That's your husband?

You're married to Admiral Maitland?

Just-Just go, okay?

No, no. Not that way. He'll see you.

No. Bathroom.

Unofficial Aw Fan Controlalienware User Support Windows 10

Well, it's been great.

As a SEAL,

I've been involved in evasive maneuvers..

..but this.. was an unusual

tactical situation.

Hey, Donna!

What's the matter with Buster?

He's goingcrazy out here.

I don't know. He's been like that all day.

Still, same principles apply

in any hostile encounter..

..when you need to get out clean

without engaging the enemy--

..identify an escape route

and blendseamlessly into the surroundings.

Wait. Wait. And how exactly does this

relate to the mission in question?

I'm getting there, sir.

This is important, I promise.

I just don't wanna hear any more of your

romantic escapades. Is there a point?

Okay, so that night, I headed out.

Now, with this type of problem, some men will

duck and cover. Others will turn to booze.

Unofficial Aw Fan Controlalienware User Support Software

Me? Let's just say

I have my own secret weapon.

I swear, every time I see you,

Unofficial Aw Fan Controlalienware User Support

you look different.

It comes with the job, Sam.

Hey, nice tan, Mikey. Where you been?

- Someplace sunny.

- Well, it agrees with you.

I remember how pasty you got

when we were stuck back in Poland in '92.

- How long are you in town?

- A few days of debriefing, at least. We'll see.

Not to impose, but you feel like advising

an old buddy with a sticky situation?

How sticky?

Sticky like let's get a table

and a few more rounds.


An admiral?

It had to be an admiral's wife?

Unofficial Aw Fan Controlalienware User Support Manual

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So look,

what do you think I should do here?

Go to Maitland and explain.

Unofficial Aw Fan Controlalienware User Support Tool

Tell him you didn't know who she was..