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  • I got in 3500 words which is a new record for any output that I can remember. I’ll be posting 2-3 pages of the new novel here in the following days fore two reasons. First is to let those interested see the progress of the fourth book of the Glass Bottles series which is tentatively titled ‘Brandished Destiny’.
  • Hi, I first picked up this book at my local library, and once I started reading it, it was hard for me to put it down. And even before I finished it I knew I wanted to own the book-I love it that much. Even my brother- who really isn’t into to fiction, in any form, at least not this kind-loves this book. I’ve seen him read it twice in a row!
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  • Pandemonium is the second installment of the Delirium Trilogy. A midquel, between this second and the third book, Raven, was released March 5th, 2013. On the same day, the third book, Requiem, was released. Another midquel called Alex was released with Requiem.

Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver is a novel about a futuristic society that attempts to cure the people of love by forcing people to endure a medical procedure that prevents them from feeling. In this world, cleanliness is Godliness and everyone holds the same beliefs, feels the same non-feeling, and roles are performed dutifully with little feeling. One's duty to country comes above one's loyalty to family. Spouses are matched by the government and children are born out of a contract with the government. This creates a clean and sterile world, with no people who aren't 'perfect.'

Raven- The leader of the camp Lena joins in the Wilds. Fierce and independent but also understanding and caring, she is both a mother-figure and a friend as Lena starts her new life in the Wilds an..

The novel begins with Lena who has just entered a new high school. The first chapter is elusive but the reader knows that Lena is different and that she possesses a knowledge that the other high school students don't have. From this point the novel begins alternating between the Now thread and the Then thread.


In the Now: Lena has begun attending a new high school. Throughout these sections there are brief flashbacks of what Lena's life used to be like. She used to believe what all of the others believed, that the DFA was an organization that protected people and that everyone must have the procedure for society to go on. In the Now, Lena is working covertly with Raven and Tack, two of her friends in the resistance. She goes to a rally where Julian Fineman, the DFA organizer's son, is present. He is kidnapped and it is her job to stay with him no matter what.

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She finds Julian in an underground subway tunnel that has long been abandoned. They are captured by what they think are Scavengers — a rogue group that helps neither the DFA nor the resistance — but in reality they have been captured by the DFA. Julian and Lena escape and Lena is brought back to Tack and Raven, but Julian is scheduled to be executed as a punishment for falling in love with Lena. Flappy ears halloween.

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The Windswept Depths of Pandemonium was the Outer Plane associated with the chaotic neutral and chaotic evil alignments in the Great Wheel cosmology,713 and an abandoned astral dominion according to the World Axis cosmology.1112 Some characteristics of this plane were ascribed to the Deep Caverns in the World Tree cosmology model14 which was also known as the Dismal Caverns in the World Axis.

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In the Then thread: Lena escapes from her neighborhood with a boy named Alex. Alex is killed as they cross the border and Lena wakes up in the Wilds being taken care of by Invalids. Raven, Blu, and Lu nurse her back to health. She lives with them for some time on the Homestead. Life on the Homestead is difficult and rudimentary. Food is scarce and the people are constantly on the lookout for attacks. As the group is preparing to move south for the winter months, they are attacked. They flee, regroup and head south with little food or supplies. Again, they are attacked at a southern homestead and Lena, Raven and Tack assume fake procedure marks and enter the regular world as part of the resistance.

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It is at this point in the novel where the Now and Then threads converge in Chapter 13.

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One of the main themes in Pandemonium is censorship. Censorship is enforced in the most invasive way, the censorship of feelings, of love and companionship and intimacy, through a surgery that affects one's brain. The procedure is mandatory by age 18, but the DFA is trying to lower the mandatory age because they are finding that despite their brainwashing, children are getting 'infected' with love before they are cured.

This society believes that if the emotions and feelings of love are removed that society is calm and complacent. For a dictatorship, this makes a society also easier to rule. Mates are chosen based on genetics and it is implied that babies are conceived via test tube rather than coitus. Everyone is supposed to follow the tenets in the Book of Shhh which is based on a monotheistic belief system. The tenet, 'Cleanliness is Godliness,' is followed strictly.

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