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The Cheapo Beer Brand Natural Light Says Its New Marketing Stunt Is the Most Expensive Artwork of All Time The brand says it costs even more than the 'Salvator Mundi.' Eileen Kinsella, January 13. Stunt Pilot IV is full of surprises as it also contains several different airplanes that one is allowed to use. This game consist of Boeing 747s, B-35’s and even F-36’s, better known as one of the Air Force’s newest weapon with the laser tag inserted for better long term vision of the targets that one has to accomplish and get through to.

The Stunt Pilot gaming series which so far consists of two games is by far one of the most advanced games I have ever come across online. Not only is the graphic design far superior than a lot of other online PC games, but the game play at times is also far more advanced than your typical online PC game.

This game goes from incredibly easy to frustratingly difficult at times, which is normally a good thing for any game, especially an online game. This is the kind of game that keeps you coming back for more until you either beat it and feel like a champ or lose and feel like the biggest chump in the world.

Stunt Pilot started the series and from the start became a challenge for any video game nut, especially the ones’ who has dreams and aspirations in piloting airplanes for a living.

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However, if you do have those plans, this game more than prepares you as far as the basics are concerned (of course nothing but experience can prepare you for the real thing), but this is as real as it gets as far as piloting a plane is concerned for a gaming system online.

This game can be very challenging starting from the second level and above as the loops, or rings that the airplane has to go through becomes not only very narrow, but goes up and down in a must efficient manner. This is hard because the up and down arrows are really hard to navigate as they are from one extreme to the next extreme so you have to be a real pro to advance from the second stage and above.

The third stage in the first game is about as difficult as it gets in that you have to go vertical and horizontal in sharp manners to even think about passing the missions. All in all, not only is this game my kryptonite, but it is also fun and a very good game to play when you are looking to kill a bit of time as it is definitely addicting and will keep you coming back for more due to your failure….or success.

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Stunt Pilot II had made me go over the edge so to speak as far as being mesmerized by what a PC game can accomplish and more so, what they were willing to do for the game to enhance the quality as far as game play and graphic design. However, saying all of that, I must say that user controlling is probably the best quality of the second game. Heck, even this game allows one to share replays of the game online for other users to see.

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If you think that is something, well just imagine that you can create your own levels and missions for other users online to use when they are ambitious enough to do so. Oh yeah, that is actually a reality and this game strength is that it allows you to come up with your own scenery, items in the game play mode, and allows other users to have a field day with beating and conquering someone else’s supposedly “tough” mission.

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Most of us who play these games are very competitive; let’s face it, we hate to lose, but this game will test your patience to the highest degree, but every second is worth it because of the challenge.

My ideas for Stunt Pilot III is that user control will be much more advanced in that the “up” and “down” arrows won’t make or break you unless you hold on too long on the arrows, but it will be much more easier to navigate and allow users to dodge crashes even more so than the second game of the series. The third game will also give you the speed of the wind and the power of the wind while controlling the aircraft to help out and make navigating that much more easier for anyone who plays this game.

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