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The children have been busy getting ready to present their learning to their families! As the first semester comes to a close, it is a time of reflection and goal setting, a time to look back on all that has been accomplished, and a time to look forward to the next steps in the learning process. This is a celebration of your child's learning!

Here are some important things to know for the upcoming week:

Click on these links to give you additional support for the Reading Street Curriculum. Pearson Realize- This is where to login to Reading Street. Unit 1- Week 1- Red Kayak. Literary Elements. Monitor and Clarify. Unit 1- Week 2- Thunder Rose. Cause and Effect. Unit 1- Week 3- Island of the Blue Dolphin. Apr 23, 2015 Third Grade Reading Streets: Unit One Unit Two. Student Led Conferences. As a third grade teacher I would that I had found this resource years ago. “Student-led conferences reflect the belief that students should be creatively involved in their learning and assume responsibility for the learning process. Through the student-led conference, students become more motivated, reflective and evaluative. They also become more critical in. Third Grade Reading Streets: Unit One Unit Two. Student Led Conferences. As a third grade teacher I would that I had found this resource years ago. Reading Street Group. Richland Schools. Spang Gang - online games. Tech Toolkit Wiki (SMART Response files only) Technology-Infused Activities. Tessa Samuel's Wikispace. Third Grade Group. Third Grade Tennessee Teachers Group. Tri-Central Elementary. Stauffer - Story Author Websites. Waltke's Web (wonderful site) Third Grade.



On Tuesday, December 8th, you will be receiving an email with these attached continua documents:

  • K-2 Reading, K-2 Writing, K-5 Inquiry, and Math Performance Assessment Report

  • Specialist Continua

At Mid-Pacific we believe that learning is a continuous, on-going process. We value looking at students' growth over time. Therefore, continua offers the best fit for our school's philosophy. Please note that the Inquiry Continuum is K-5.

Student led conference

Progress Portfolio:

The children have been hard at work reflecting on the evidence of their learning for their Progress Portfolio. The Progress Portfolio is designed around Mid-Pacific's Learner Profile, which outlines attributes we, as a school, believe are essential for children to develop within their experiences both in and out of school. While the Learner Profile outlines nine different traits, we have selected four to focus on and showcase in the Portfolios this year. These traits include the following:

Third Grade Reading Book

  • I can reflect on my own growth as a learner and share my understanding with others

  • I can work with others to build and strengthen our community

  • I can communicate my ideas, thoughts, and feelings in different ways

  • Learn about search: loomis ca. I can imagine and create different ways to solve problems

Student led conferences pdf

Your child will be bringing home their school iPad on Tuesday, December 8th to share their First Semester Portfolio on Showbie. Please make sure your child brings their iPad back to school on Wednesday for school. Then they can take it back home on Wednesday to prepare for conferences. They will have practiced their presentation and will be able to explain the various artifacts in the portfolio, as well as how it demonstrates a particular trait. The portfolio will be located at the top of your child's Showbie account. Look for the yellow star.

Stars and Wishes:

After reviewing your child's portfolio and continua, please take some time to consider 'Two Stars' (areas you believe your child has shown growth/is doing well in) and 'One Wish' (area you would like your child to continue to grow in). Please be prepared to share your Stars and Wishes at our virtual zoom conference with your child.

Parent-Teacher-STUDENT Conferences:


Student Led Conferences Third Grade Reading Streets 5th

The children have also been rehearsing for Parent-Teacher-STUDENT Conferences. We capitalized STUDENT because they truly have the most important role in these conferences. They will be leading this celebration of their learning and are excited to share their accomplishments!

Thank you for your support this semester and see you virtually at our conference!