Roa Group Benefit Program

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The administrative arm of the State of Florida government. The value of supplemental insurance is measured during a time of need — an accident, a disabling injury, illness or death. Allstate Benefits provides the right employee benefits — accident, critical illness, cancer, disability, vision and dental — that are customizable with various levels of coverage.

Roa group benefit program

Graduating ROTC seniors and Service Academy first classmen being commissioned are eligible for complimentary membership.Head liceteach to be happy.

Associate Membership - FREE. Any individual who qualifies for Regular Membership, and has not previously been a member of the association, is eligible for Associate membership. Associate membership is free of charge and has a maximum term of five years, or until the member reaches the age of 35. Associate members have all the rights and privileges of Regular members except serving as an elected or appointed officer, voting at a national convention, and receiving printed publications.

CO-ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP BARGAIN: Any member of another qualifying association, who meets membership requirements in all other regards, who applies for membership in ROA, can take a $15.00 discount against the normal dues rate--term or life!

Flexible Life Membership payment program: Make an initial down payment of $40 or more; Pay the balance over a period of five years.

Roa Group Benefit Program Login

Roa Group Benefit Program

Deferred Payment Life Membership Plan: Make an initial payment equal to 10 percent of the applicable life membership rate: Pay the balance in 9 equal monthly payments.

Roa Group Benefit Program


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