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Quake 2 mac download
  1. Quake Ii For Mac

Welcome to the home of ezQuake, a modern QuakeWorld client focused on competitive online play.

Combining the features of modern QuakeWorld® clients, ezQuake makes QuakeWorld® easier to start and play. The immortal first person shooter Quake® in a brand new skin with superb graphics and extremely fast gameplay.

NOTE #2: Only utilities and engines marked as 'Universal' or 'Intel' will run on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and higher, although some may be 32bit and will not work with macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later. Quake mods should run on any platform with a compatible engine. Extract the content of the mod with WinRar in a folder called 'quake2' inside the quake 4 game folder (not in base folder, it is just a mod). Then run the.bat file and choose the resolution (type a number and then press enter). Or just load a mod in the main menu of quake 4. Here you'll find pre-compiled packages of classic Quake II for Mac OSX and 64 bit GNU/Linux by the Quetoo project. These builds are based on the abandoned AprQ2 project by maniac. We've adopted this code and have made numerous fixes, updates and enhancements to it so that Mac and Linux users can have a stable, feature-rich Quake II client.

QUAKE GAME SITE for Everyone Quake 1-Quake 2-Quake 3 Arena Game Site Bringing Back 1996 QUAKE on ANY Operating System Platform,LINUX,Symbian,MAC,Nokia,WINDOWS.QUAKE 1,QUAKE II,QUAKE III ARENA.

Installing the client

Download the latest client below. Full versions include the bare minimum of game media (basic hud graphics, player skins etc). If you want to experience modern graphics and other additional media in the game including custom configurations, try nQuake.

Windows3.2.222nd September 2020 (19.3MB) (2.1MB)
MAC OSX September 2020 (19.2MB) (1.96MB)
Linux (64-bit)3.2.222nd September 2020 (18.2MB) (1.07MB)

Alternatively, you can build the client from source. Visit the project page on GitHub and follow the compilation instructions included.

Installing Quake

If you don't have Quake installed, you can now buy Quake online via Steam. This will give you the complete single-player game. Then download a 'Full' install above and copy to your Quake directory.

To get configured for competitive online games quickly, try nQuake. nQuake includes standard config files, modern HUD, fullbright skins and 24-bit textures. Once nQuake is installed, download an Upgrade version of the client and replace the executable in your Quake directory.


(There's no video for Quake II yet. Discover. Please contribute to MR and add a video now!)

What is Quake II?

Ported by Logic Software.

Shortly after landing on an alien surface, you learn that hundreds of your men have been reduced to just a few. Now you must fight your way through heavily fortified military installations, lower the city's defenses, and shut down the enemy's war machine. Only then will the fate of humanity be known.

  • Larger, mission-based levels: You have a series of complex missions. What you do in one level could affect another. One false move, and you could alert security, flood an entire passageway, or worse.
  • In-your-face sound and graphics: Hear distant combat explosions and rockets whizzing past your head. And with a compatible 3D graphics accelerator, experience smoother 16-bit graphics and real-time lighting effects.
  • Superior artificial intelligence: This time the enemies have IQs the size of their appetites. They can evade your attack, strategically position themselves for an ambush, and hunt your ass down.
  • Wicked multiplayer capabilities: More than 32 players, friends or foes, can go at it in a bloody deathmatch via LAN and over the internet.

Quake-II--1997---1000686-AU---.toast.zip(232.51 MiB / 243.81 MB)
Toast image / Toast image, zipped
279 / 2018-04-16 / 2018-04-17 / 8bd44891a20fbd5e79f4a17b938b19fe49a99c4c / 1000686 AU / /
Quake-II--1997---1000686-AU----MDx.zip(553.9 MiB / 580.8 MB)
MDS/MDF image / Zipped
125 / 2018-04-16 / 2018-04-17 / 86fb5e991b00cae8893098d9ac2270a8bd8b5443 / 1000686 AU / /
Quake2-Mac-1999.zip(548.67 MiB / 575.32 MB)
/ Zipped
109 / 2017-11-20 / ecb442ae59dbf497c60c082df180f649f0aa6822 / /
Quake-II--1997---1000686-AU----Scans.zip(319.97 MiB / 335.52 MB)
Scans / Zipped
23 / 2018-04-16 / 2018-04-17 / 3984e895b498614f9cc2bd4b9a255b7939a32bc1 / 1000686 AU / /
from MediaFire(unknown size)
97 / 2015-11-14 / 2018-04-17 / (Unavailable for external downloads) / /
Quake2-Mac-1999-sans.sit(474.94 MiB / 498.01 MB)
/ compressed w/ Stuffit
24 / 2017-11-20 / a0950455cae9ff533c0ae615182323e400383126 / /
quaketwo.zip(145.47 MiB / 152.54 MB)
Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X / Zipped
392 / 2014-04-14 / 2018-04-17 / 25c075b82ab59dbd59d3cd011b8fe6e9cf8ef96a / /
action.sit_.bin(8.83 MiB / 9.25 MB)
/ Binary encoded, use Stuffit Expander
5 / 2017-11-20 / 37ecac458d1c6096abecd66c046cd52a75036359 / /
from Mega.Co.Nz(unknown size)
56 / 2015-11-14 / 2018-04-17 / (Unavailable for external downloads) / /



Minimum requirements

OS: 7.5.3
CPU: PowerPC 603e 180 MHz
RAM: 48 MB
HDD: 60 MB uncompressed + Virtual Memory
CD: 4x speed

Recommended requirements

OS: OS 8.1
GPU: ATI Rage 128, 4 MB

Quake II utilizes Redbook audio. It is recommended that you burn a CD from the MDx image (requires Windows) and have it inserted in your Mac while playing to get the full audio experience.

Quake Ii For Mac