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INSTRUCTIONS1. Listen to Main Idea as you read along on pages 198 and 199. Do numbers 1 and 2 on pg. 198. 2. Listen to the Vocabulary Strategy on pages 200 and 201 as you read along in your book. Do the write part on pg. 201. 3. Listen to the story Prudy's Problem once while reading along in your reading book. Then read it on your own.4. Listen to the spelling words and make your own sentences using 5 of the word. 5. Complete the learn Zillion assigments.with notes.6. Watch the video numbered 2, 3,complete the entire exercise.7. Do the Seatwork assigment.POST ALL YOUR WORK ON THE GLOG. If you have finished early, read the level reader assigned to you by your teacher through and take an AR test on the ones you read. Also take an AR test on Prudy's Problem. 8. Take online test on Friday with As Always do your best, and HAVE FUN!

Click here for level reader and test on Friday.




Third Grade Reading Street. Prudy’s Problem and How She Solved It. This week’s tested selection vocabulary: butterflies – insects with thin bodies and four wings. Collection – a group of things. Enormous- very, very large; huge. Webster Third Grade. Search this site. Standards Review. Journeys Reading Unit 1. Journeys Reading Unit 2. Journeys Reading Unit 3. Journeys Reading Unit 4. From Scott Foresman Reading Street.


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Prudy's Problem Worksheets

Purdys Problem Third Grade Reading Streets Lesson

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Prudy's Problem Third Grade Reading Streets 5th