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Tic Tac Toe (To Practice Any Tense)

The simple present, present simple or present indefinite is one of the verb forms associated with the present tense in modern English. It is commonly referred to as a tense, although it also encodes certain information about aspect in addition to present time. The simple present is the most commonly used verb form in English, accounting for more than half of verbs in spoken English. It is called 'simple' because its basic form consists of a single word, in contrast with other present tense forms. Present simple: form We use the base form of the verb, and add -s for the third person singular. Teaching the present simple tense is one of the first, and most important tasks when teaching beginners. It's a good idea to teach the present simple of the verb 'to be' to begin with, and introduce simple adjectives to help students expand their understanding of the verb 'to be'. The simple present tense is used: To express habits, general truths, repeated actions or unchanging situations, emotions and wishes: I smoke (habit); I. To give instructions or directions: You walk for two hundred meters, then you turn left. To express fixed arrangements, present or future: Your. Laura Mozo http.

Going to, Past Simple, Present Continuous, Present Simple
This is a great activity that you can use as a warmer, as a review activity or even as a filler. It can be used in ANY level to practice any tense for affirmative, negative or questions. It's a g ..
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Tic Tac Toe (To Practice Any Tense)

Present Simple, Crosswords/Boardgames, Recycling and Revising, Warmers and Fillers
This is a great activity that you can use as a warmer, as a review activity or even as a filler. It can be used in ANY level to practice any tense for affirmative, negative or questions. It's a g ..
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Present Simple Lesson Worksheet

Present Simple, Say/Tell/Speak/Talk, Movie + Video + Cartoons
This fun lesson contains a link to an animated video that was made specifically for ESL/EFL students to learn how to form the present simple tense. Extremely fun and contextualized explanations a ..
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Everyday Activities Worksheet

Past Simple, Present Continuous, Present Simple, Everyday/Social English, Movie + Video + Cartoons
A super fun and engaging lesson plan with an animated video for students to watch. After watching the video, students complete the questions, grammar and vocabulary activities. A powerful resourc ..
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Morning Routines

Present Simple, Verb, Everyday/Social English, Telling Time
In this lesson, learners will listen to a conversation between Sarah and John. They talk about their morning routines and students are asked to (1) listen for the times, (2) get specific informat ..
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Third Person Singular Pronunciation Maps (Simple Present)

Present Simple, Teenagers, Adult Learners, Crosswords/Boardgames
This is a game based on Marck Hancock's maze available on his website. Students have to find the path through the verbs with the same pronunciation: e.g. cooks - visits - helps. It aims at helpin ..
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Hanging Out: Free-Time Activities

Present Simple, Verb, Collocations, Everyday/Social English
In this listening activity, students will hear 4 speakers describing where and with whom they usually hang out. After matching the activities to the speakers, students will review some collocatio ..
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Present Simple Board Game

Grammar » Verb Tense Worksheets » Present Simple
This is an easy Present Simple board game including affirmative, negative, and question forms. Students are asked to get into teams, roll the dice and make sentences in order to practice the gra ..
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Present Simple vs. Present Continuous Worksheet

Past Simple, Present Continuous, Present Simple, Present Simple vs. Present Continuous, Homework
Both the present simple and the continuous tenses are some of the most fundamental aspects of grammar. We use and hear these tenses every day, so it's important to understand the differences ..
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SONG: Penny Lane (The Beatles)

Present Simple 
Present Simple, City and Countryside, Jobs and Professions, ESL Songs For Teaching English
In this worksheet, students will work with the song 'Penny Lane' by The Beatles. There are many opportunities to work on different topics here: present simple, body parts, jobs, places in town. Th ..
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Going Shopping Fill in the Blank Conversation

Can/Could, Cardinal Numbers, Present Simple, Shopping/Clothes
In this worksheet, students will fill in the blanks of two conversations at a shop. After that, they will look into the language and vocabulary used in the conversations and analyze their meanings ..
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To Have Worksheet: Affirmative, Negation, Questions

Present Simple, Verb, Young Learners, Homework
It is a worksheet for children that I made in order to practice the verb 'to have' using affirmative sentences, negation and questions. It is suitable for beginners and elementary level. I used it ..
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Speaking About Now, Before Now, After Now Question Worksheet

Past Continuous, Past Simple, Present Simple, Present Simple vs. Present Continuous
I created this worksheet to help students revise a variety of verb tenses and practice forming questions and answers. I used it in secondary schools as well as in adult conversation classes and it ..
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Placing Adverbs of Frequency in Sentences

Adverb, Present Simple, Word Order, Adult Learners
This is a quick and easy exercise of adverbs of frequency. It has both the verb be and regular verbs, so the teacher should have already explained the difference in adverb placement. The student ..
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Questions and Negatives - Present Simple and Present Continuous

Present Continuous, Present Simple
Practise questions and negatives in the Present Simple and the Present Continuous. Enjoy learning/teaching English with this exercise. Students have to choose between using the Present Simple or ..
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Routine vs Free Time Printable Cards

Present Simple, Teenagers, Everyday/Social English
The cards can be used to review vocabulary of daily routine, frequency adverbs, free time activities, likes /dislikes using the simple present. Put the cards in a box/bag and ask students to choo ..
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Weather Table Conversation Activity

Questions and Short Answers, Present Simple, Weather
The worksheet consists of a table where students should ask one another questions about the weather in a corresponding country. Great for developing speaking skills and teaching weather-related vo ..
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Why Are Women Paid Less Than Men? Ukrainian and English

Passive Voice, Present Simple, Movie + Video + Cartoons
The tasks are based on the video and focus on developing listening comprehension. The worksheet includes listening for the gist, listening for specific information, and gap-filling activities. Th ..
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Present Simple PowerPoint

Grammar » Verb Tense Worksheets » Present Simple
PowerPoint explaining PRESENT SIMPLE. Includes contractions, conjugations and formation for questions. I used it for preteens, teens and young adults; They all seemed to like it a lot! Well anima ..
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To Be Simple Present Worksheet

Personal Pronouns, Present Simple, Young Learners, Teenagers
With this worksheet students will answer some exercises in the affirmative, negative and interrogative forms of the verb to be in the simple present. It can be used to practice and to review the v ..
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Simple Present, Auxilaries, Interview, Object Pronouns (4 of 24)

Personal Pronouns, Questions and Short Answers, Present Simple, Phrasal Verbs
Lesson 4 of this 24 part series in intermediate English as a second language designed exclusively for native Spanish speakers. Simple present phrases help students identify this tense. Also incl ..
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Passive Voice- Present Simple & Past Simple Exercises

Passive Voice, Past Simple, Present Simple
There is a short info section on the rules for Passive Voice, form and use for two tenses: Present Simple and Past Simple. There are two exercises to practise the Present Simple & the Past Sim ..
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Song Worksheet - Suddenly I see KT Tunstall

Grammar » Verb Tense Worksheets » Present Simple
This song worksheet intends to mainly test students' listening abilities, but it also has some argumentative writing concerning the song's theme and vocabulary understanting (students have to expl ..
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Past and Present Tense Simple Lesson Outline with Teacher Instructions

Past Simple, Present Simple
It is a lesson plan for teachers to use in the classroom. It is a 20 minutes lesson focusing on speaking and grammar and teaching students the difference between past & present tense. This les ..
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Indicative/Imperative Mood, Present Continuous, Present Simple, Feelings and Emotions

Present Simple Tense

There are 2 worksheets. One is double lyrics and students find some words in the dictionary. The second worksheet is for a complete class. Students can use the dictionary and complete some exercis ..
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Download this explanation in PDF here.
Read about how to make the present simple here.

Present Uses

Present Perfect

Present Simple Exercises

1: We use the present simple when something is generally or always true.
  • People need food.
  • It snows in winter here.
  • Two and two make four.
2: Similarly, we need to use this tense for a situation that we think is more or less permanent. (See the present continuous for temporary situations.)
  • Where do you live?
  • She works in a bank.
  • I don't like mushrooms.
3: The next use is for habits or things that we do regularly. We often use adverbs of frequency (such as 'often', 'always' and 'sometimes') in this case, as well as expressions like 'every Sunday' or 'twice a month'. (See the present continuous for new, temporary or annoying habits).
  • Do you smoke?
  • I play tennis every Tuesday.
  • I don't travel very often.
4: We can also use the present simple for short actions that are happening now. The actions are so short that they are finished almost as soon as you've said the sentence. This is often used with sports commentary.
  • He takes the ball, he runs down the wing, and he scores!
Future Uses
Simple  5: We use the present simple to talk about the future when we are discussing a timetable or a fixed plan. Usually, the timetable is fixed by an organisation, not by us.
  • School begins at nine tomorrow.
  • What time does the film start?
  • The plane doesn't arrive at seven. It arrives at seven thirty.
6: We also use the present simple to talk about the future after words like ' 'when', 'until', 'after', 'before' and 'as soon as'. These are sometimes called subordinate clauses of time.
  • I will call you when I have time. (Not 'will have'.)
  • I won't go out until it stops raining.
  • I'm going to make dinner after I watch the news.
Conditional Uses
7: We use the present simple in the first and the zero conditionals. (See the conditionals section for more information.)
  • If it rains, we won't come.
  • If you heat water to 100 degrees, it boils.

Read more about the difference between the present simple and the present continuous here.
Try an exercise about using the present simple here. Vpn client configuration for mac.

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