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VirtualBox and its USB support always have caused some trouble. Since VirtualBox 4, the USB support is not part of a different binary any more (PUEL vs. OSE), but lives inside an extension pack, which you can download from the VirtualBox download site.

I am having a problem creating an Open SUSE 11.4 VM. I am using VBox 4.1.0 r73009. I am using W7 as my host. I have used two.iso files. I boot from the CD/.iso I get the welcome screen and when I select either installation or check media, I get the SUSE background, the activity indicators on the disk, screen and usb flash and then the system seems to hang, to the extend that a shutdown fails. How to Install VirtualBox Extension Pack on Windows and MacOS. The previous blog post of our VirtualBox series covered VirtualBox update.After updating VirtualBox, it is recommended to update VirtualBox Extension Pack on a host machine and VirtualBox Guest Additions on guest machines (VMs). VirtualBox extension pack is binary package that is used to enhance the functionality of the Oracle VM VirtualBox base package including; The support for virtual USB 2.0 (EHCI) amd USB 3.0 (xHCI) devices VirtualBox Remote Desktop Protocol (VRDP) support Support for host webcam passthrough. After DKMS is installed then we can go ahead and get VirtualBox in. This should have been downloaded from Oracle as an RPM package. These are the best and easiest packages to deal with in openSUSE. They operate just like the old EXE files for Windows programs. Just click on the file and openSUSE will take care of the rest.

On openSUSE, this means you can install the VirtualBox package using Yast (or zypper, or whatever you'd like to use) and then open VirtualBox, go to File > Preferences > Extensions, click the top 'Add package' button, select the downloaded file and you're done.

Well, almost done. After you add a USB device filter to your VM and boot it, you'll notice that all entries in the Devices > USB menu are grayed out.

Extension Pack For Virtualbox 6.1

Star trek armada pc download. Reason for this is a permission problem. Usually, VirtualBox installs a udev rule that gives all users in the vboxusers group permission to access all USB files. openSUSE chose to disable this udev rule by default for security reasons without visible notice to the users.
So, to cut a long story short, open /etc/udev/rules.d/60-vboxdrv.rules, and replace the lines that are commented out with the ones below (these are almost like the commented-out lines, but replace NAME with SYMLINK+):

KERNEL'vboxdrv', NAME='vboxdrv', OWNER='root', GROUP='root', MODE='0600'
#these two lines give access permission to vboxusers to properly work with usb nodes, this could be security risk (bnc#664520) !!
SUBSYSTEM'usb_device', ATTR{devnum}'?*', ATTR{busnum}'?*',SYMLINK+='vboxusb/$attr{busnum}/$attr{devnum}', GROUP='vboxusers'
SUBSYSTEM'usb', ENV{DEVTYPE}'usb_device', ATTR{devnum}'?*', ATTR{busnum}'?*',SYMLINK+='vboxusb/$attr{busnum}/$attr{devnum}', GROUP='vboxusers'

Now reboot and you should have all USB devices available (at least if you're in the vboxusers group, check this with the id command in a terminal window).

And while you're at it, please ignore forum posts that modify usbfs or anything like that, newer VirtualBox versions don't need these things any more.

If you only have a 10-vboxdrv.rules file, then you most likely installed VirtualBox not from the openSUSE repositories, but from the VirtualBox download site. Remove this version first and install the openSUSE version if you want to use this guide (and save you from recompiling the kernel module with every update).

Oracle vm extension

Oracle Vm Virtualbox Extension Pack

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