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We are excited to combine technology and teams to accelerate the availability of a full-suite cloud-based Enterprise Imaging solution. Improve patient care. Enhance efficiency. Realize greater stability. is a web-based, massively scalable, and secure cloud platform that delivers instant access to medical images with diagnostic workstation performance in a web browser.

Winner of the 2018 Microsoft Health Innovation Award with Mercy Health

Mercy Health demonstrates innovation in the cloud with NucleusHealth’s medical image management platform. Mercy Health can now provide accurate, speedy images to any clinician, on any web-enabled device, within and outside of their network and positively impact patients to ensure they receive the best care within seconds.

This changes everything

Welcome to the future of diagnostic radiology and medical image management. ingests, stores, routes and provides lightning fast access – from just about anywhere – to all medical images regardless of file size. Our team has combined web, cloud and patented streaming technologies to deliver diagnostic workstation performance over the internet – in a web browser – without compromise to image quality and usability. It’s pretty amazing.

Our cloud technologies also offer: financial-grade security, incredible up-time reliability, infinite scalability, multiple deployment options, always up-to-date software, and a significant boost to your bottom-line. Welcome to!

Medical images belong in the cloud

Outstanding patient care starts with diagnostic images that can be accessed, shared and collaboratively reviewed by medical experts whenever and wherever they need them. The faster collaboration happens; the faster treatment begins – speeding the road to recovery.

Tiptoe to the Cloud

Our software modules allow your organization to ease its way to the cloud. You can choose options ranging from simple image sharing to full cloud-based enterprise image management solutions.

Ingest, store, share, and view current and prior medical images from anywhere.

Dramatically reduce the cost associated with storing and accessing medical images by leveraging proven cloud technologies.

Enterprise workstation power and capability running in a web browser!

Developers now have a cost-effective, powerful, and easy to use tool to build web applications tailored for medical imaging.




Machine Learning


Healthcare organizations and application developers rely on best practices, but rarely have the resources to develop or maintain complex security architecture. offers market-leading security infrastructure, HIPAA and HITECH compliance, and customer-specific encryption keys to ensure data is safe and secure.

Market-leading security infrastructure

ISO 27001 Certified – Standard for Information Security Management System

ISO 13485:2016 Certified – Standard for International Quality System Management

Speed uses client-side rendering techniques and advanced streaming protocols to deliver pixels like you’ve never seen before. virtually eliminates the latency that plagues server-side rendering solutions by leveraging the power available in today’s desktops, laptops, tablets, and even your phone.

Sub-second response times

Diagnostic workstation performance

Reactive user interfaces

Zero Footprint

Our team has built a complete diagnostic workstation in javascript: image decompression and processing all without plugins. It also means workstation performance without storing data on the client.

No java

No plugins

Download windows 10 1511 build 10586 iso download. No headaches


Whether in a shared-cost, multi-tenant environment or a dedicated deployment, the platform is architected to satisfy all your imaging needs.

Highly available deployment ensures that no single point of failure will disrupt your healthcare-critical workflows

Horizontal scaling at each tier (load balancer, application server, database) ensures that, as your volume grows, the platform will stay ahead of your demands

Cost Effective

Today’s public cloud technology is infinitely scalable, highly reliable, secure, cost-effective, and is the gold standard for uptime and resiliency. By leveraging this technology, allows customers to dramatically reduce expensive internal IT infrastructure and operational costs. We offer a variety of deployment options to meet the diverse needs of the imaging community: shared infrastructure with multi-region high availability and automatic scaling

Home The Nucleus dedicated/single tenant infrastructure with complete isolation and customizable availability and scalability options

Custom infrastructure with full control of the deployed systems and private Microsoft Azure accounts

On-premise, direct deployment in your datacenter for maximum control and isolation

Machine Learning

Imagine powerful algorithms having access to and analyzing millions of images. Our APIs can enable that level of accessibility. Tomorrow’s imaging technologies will ride on


Python API Reference.


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