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One set of fonts shown below include Harikrishna, Ghanshyam, Nilkanth, Amrut, and Yogi. I'll refer to these as the Harikrishna font set.

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The advantage of these particular fonts is the different styles. Harikrishna and Nilkanth are two great plain text fonts. Ghanshyam and Amrut are great for titles.

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The assignment of keys for these fonts is based on the phonetic equivalence between Gujarati and English. So, for example, જ sounds like “j”, and it is assigned the small “j” key. The conjuncts (or conjugates), half forms (half of consonants), some matras (punctuations), and other special characters have to be called using ANSI codes. The ALT key is pressed while typing the code of the character. The key assignments of full consonants and ANSI codes for half-consonants are shown in the tables below.

Nilkanth Fonts Files Download

Table 1: Full Consonants

Note that the keys are case sensitive for the full consonants. Also note that certain keys such as q, Q and Y have keys assigned that are not truly phonetic.

ConjunctsDog full body markingsdaruma fields saddlery tack. are combinations of two or more consonants, such as શ્ર, દ્ધ, or હ્મ. They can be represented as a single character or multiple characters. The former three examples are single characters. Conjuncts can be found mapped as keys or can be accessed by ANSI codes. The table below shows some common conjuncts used in Gujarati with their key assignments or ANSI codes.

Table 3: Conjugates and Other Characters

To see the complete table for Harikrishna and Nilkanth font, browse here: Harikrishna Font Table.

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Using fonts such as these is one method of typing in Gujarati. The drawback are:

Nilkanth Fonts Files Free

  • Dependence on character codes for the conjuncts and half forms, and
  • Although you are typing in Gujarati, you are actually typing in English where the characters are disguised as Gujarati. Hence, your word processor will mark most of these words as misspelled.
  • These fonts are not recognized by the operating system. You cannot, for example, type in dialog boxes with these fonts. You cannot search for file contents either.

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One can get creative with input methods for conjuncts and half forms. One such method is using macro-assigned buttons.