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Posted By admin On 23/08/21
Update: Skype PTT 1.0 Final is released
I've been checking out skype as an alternative to ventrilo because we were getting some really bad feedback, but I was really surprised to find there was no real PTT support other than a mute mic hotkey.
So I decided to make a little utility program for skype.
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(Skype PTT in action, nevermind the not responding :P)

To enable Skype Push To Talk, follow the below steps 1-Open the Skye App by clicking on the icon.Login into your account.On the top of the window we could see the Tools option, click on it and then we get an drop down menu Select the Options from the drop down menu. That feature is only available on the classic version of Skype. Unfortunately, it’s no longer supported on the new Skype app for Desktop and the Skype for Windows 10 UWP. If you want to use the classic version of Skype, you can download it using this link and choose “Get Classic Skype” on the selection list. Let 24 assignments. Hope this information helps.

Push to talk is a feature that enables your phone or desktop into a walkie-talkie. The user to reach an active group with a single press button; there is no need of making several phone calls to coordinate. Skype Push-to-talk function can be used for both audio and video calls, as well as 1-to-1 or group calls. How do i go into the advanced settings to enable things like push to talk in the newest vertion? Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Super annoying as the mic is brand new. Running the Windows 10 version of Skype. Any help would be appreciated. Push-to-talk is a hidden feature in Skype's Mac version, and you don't need to enable it from your settings before starting your call. 3 Press Control +⌥ Option +⌘ Command +↑ Up on your keyboard. This combination will automatically switch you to Push-to-talk mode in your current call.

Quick Guide:Skype push to talk windows 10 2020
1. Start Skype as normally and login.
New Skype Push To Talk
2. Download and unzip from the link below, if you're having trouble starting the program you should download and install the .net 2.0 framework or higher.
3. You may get a screen saying SkypePTT.exe wants to use Skype, click Allow access.
4. Call and press your hotkey to talk! (note u may have to click abit before talking because of the mute/unmute delay).

Skype Push To Talk Windows 10

This version is outdated, get the new version here: Skype PTT 1.0 Final.
If u still want to get the old version for any reason click here to download it.
Note: Requires Windows XP or higher and the .net 2.0 framework at least to run.

How To Talk On Skype

SkypePersonally tested in Windows XP and Vista 64 bit.
Update: If it's failing to run try registering the skype dll file.
Click on Start
Type in cmd in Run
Then cd to the folder where the files are extracted ->

New Skype Push To Talk Cell Phone

Type in: regsvr32 Skype4COM.dll