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50 Mathcounts Lectures

A New MATHCOUNTS Mini Every Month! Art of Problem Solving 's Richard Rusczyk has been making MATHCOUNTS Minis since September 2009. Each MATHCOUNTS Mini video provides detailed explanations for at least one MATHCOUNTS problem and its associated concepts. Each Mini also features an activity sheet to complement the discussed concepts. National Math Club Problem Set Being able to take multiple different approaches to solve problems is an invaluable skill. In this problem set, students will look at four techniques - creating a model, acting out a situation, drawing a picture and making a list. REGISTER FOR THE NATIONAL MATH CLUB.


Round Problems - 1999 Mathcounts Sprint Round Problems 1999 Mathcounts National Sprint Round Solutions 107 4. Let g be the number of girls and b be the number of boys. According to the problem, after one-fifth of the girls left, the ratio of the girls to boys was 1999 Mathcounts Sprint Round Problems 1999. Some problems may belong to more than one discipline of mathematics and be studied using techniques from different areas. Prizes are often awarded for the solution to a long-standing problem, and lists of unsolved problems (such as the list of Millennium Prize Problems) receive considerable attention.

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Chapter 1. Logic (click to read chapter)1

Chapter 2. Addition and Subtraction15

Chapter 3. Multiplication and Division30

Chapter 4. Parity47

Chapter 5. Operations and Fractions62

Chapter 6. Operations with Decimals81

Chapter 7. Operations with Percents96

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Chapter 8. Pigeonhole Principle 112

Chapter 9. Converting Fractions, Decimals, and Percents 125

Chapter 10. Ratios and Proportions (click to read chapter) 140

Chapter 11. Perimeter and Area 152

Chapter 12. Counting Principles 177

Chapter 13. Exponents195


Chapter 14. Radicals205

Chapter 15. Place Value and Scientific Notation 222


Chapter 16. Absolute Values 234

Chapter 17. Order of Operations 247

Chapter 18. Simplifying Algebraic Expressions 256

Index 271

Chapter 19. Evaluating Algebraic Expressions 1

Chapter 20. Divisibility14

Chapter 21. Solving Equations32

Chapter 22. Solving Inequalities 46

Chapter 23. Venn diagrams 63

Chapter 24. Combinatorics (click to read chapter) 83

Chapter 25. Angles and triangles 104

Math Problem Solvingmathcounts

Chapter 26. Classification of triangles 115

Chapter 27. Similar triangles 130

Chapter 28. Pythagorean Theorem 137

Chapter 29. Quadrilaterals163

Chapter 30. Trapezoids177


Chapter 31. Parallelograms191

Chapter 32. Angle bisectors and medians 205

Chapter 33. Triangular inequality218

Chapter 34. Area Method 227

Chapter 35. Polygons241

Chapter 36. Circles262


Chapter 37. Factors1

Mathcounts Past Problems

Chapter 38. Prime Numbers 21

Chapter 39. Least Common Multiples And Greatest Common Factors39

Chapter 40. Methods Of Factoring 57

Chapter 41. Venn Diagram 2 74

Chapter 42. Congruence86

Chapter 43. Last Digits108

Chapter 44. Remainder 119

Chapter 45. Coordinate System 134

Chapter 46. Lines And Equations 149

Chapter 47. Systems Of Equations 174

Chapter 48. Mean, Median, Mode, And Range 198

Chapter 49. Volume 220

Chapter 50. Probability 247

Index 279

We would like to thank the following math contests:
The Mathcounts Competitions: the nation's premier middle school math enrichment, coaching, and competition program.
The AMC 8: a 25 question, 40 minute multiple choice examination in middle school mathematics designed to promote the development and enhancement of problem solving skills.

Mathcounts National Problems Pdf

The AIME (American Invitational Mathematics Examination): an intermediate examination between the AMC 10 or AMC 12 and the USAMO.

Mathcounts Practice Problems

The China Middle School Math Competition.
We would also like to thank the hundreds of families who participated in the 50 Mathcounts Lectures 2011 Summer Program. Without their support and trust, this program would not be possible. Thanks goes to these parents and students who reviewed the draft of the lectures, made corrections to errors, and provided excellent insights to solutions.

Mathcounts is for all, so should Free Mathcounts Training.

What Is This Project About?

George Pólya said eloquently, 'Mathmatics is not a spectator sport.' Mathcounts is a wonderful team-competition-in-math program enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of middle-school students each year in the U.S. But those only represent a tiny fraction of their more than 10 million peers in the nation. What prevents the vast majority of America's future from becoming a part of the Mathcounts program?

Is it quality math materials? Just think about Khan Academy and Art of Problem Solving, which have put a huge number of excellent math materials onto the Internet (particularly, YouTube), for free.

Is it enabling technologies? Not anymore, with the recent arrivals of Zoom, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, which are, to a certain degree, free.

Is it free yet high-quality teaching? We believe so!

Young mathletes are not ready to learn and study math by watching YouTube clips alone. They need real-time teachers, and the teaching needs to be of high quality. But unlike the first two categories above, real-time teaching of competition math has not been free in Americauntil now.

We are a group of math lovers and enthusiastic competition-math coaches. We believe that, in the same spirit as Khan Academy and Art of Problem Solving, Mathcounts training—in real time—should be free and accessible to all middle-school students in the U.S. At this unprecedented time of COVID-19, we are integrating the best free math materials and technologies to help young math students across America train for Mathcounts for free.