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We sell tractor parts! We have the parts you need to repair your tractor - the right parts.Our low prices and years of research make us your best choice when you need parts. 65 Serial Numbers: Location: The Massey Ferguson serial number plate located either on the instrument panel or on the right side of the battery support bracket. Photo of 65 serial number: 1957: 650001 (USA) 1958: 650024 (USA) 1959: 661164 (USA) 1960: 671379 (USA) 1961: 680210 (USA) 1962: 685370 (USA) 1963: 693040 (USA) 1964: 701057 (USA) 1965. The Massey Ferguson 178 was built by Massey Ferguson from 1968 to 1971 in the UK, France and by Ebro in Spain. It had a 62hp (46kW) Perkins engine. 1 Model History 1.1 Timeline 1.2 Factory locations 1.3 Specification 1.4 Variations and Options 2 Serial Numbers Information 3 Preservation 4.

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Need help finding your Massey Ferguson model number?

Massey Ferguson Serial Number Search

Your Massey Ferguson equipment has a factory model number and serial number on a sticker-like label or metallic tag attached to the unit in a place away from moving parts (usually near the handle, under the seat, or on the side of the unit). The best way to buy repair parts for your Massey Ferguson is to begin by searching for your Massey Ferguson model number on PartsTree and use the OEM Massey Ferguson parts diagrams to find the parts that fit exactly like the originals from the Massey Ferguson factory. When you locate your Massey Ferguson model tag, take a picture for future repair parts needs.

What do Massey Ferguson model tags look like?

Massey Ferguson Serial Number SearchSearch

Note: To buy engine parts for your Massey Ferguson, like an air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, spark plug, tune-up kit, or carburetor parts, you will likely need to search separately on PartsTree for your engine model. On Massey Ferguson equipment, the engine model and specification ('spec') numbers, as well as serial number and sometimes type and code, are often stamped above the muffler, by the spark plug, or near the overhead valve cover.

Identifying Massey Ferguson Tractor is not a difficult task. You have to keep a few points in mind while determining Massey Tractor. If Ferguson tractor has a serial number and engine serial number, it becomes simple to identify.

Essential Points About How to Identify Massey Ferguson Tractor?

For New Buyer of Massey Ferguson Tractor

If you are going to buy a new MF tractor then it is not that much tricky to identify a Massey tractor. You have to follow some basic steps. Which are as follows-

  • Visit Massey Ferguson tractor dealer.
  • Then check the serial number stamp on the number plate and also on the transmission of the tractor.

How to identify the fair serial number plate? check the points below –

  • The serial number should be of brass and aluminum.
  • And it is located in different positions of the different tractor models.
  • Check on the user manual that the serial number matches the serial number of the number plate or not.

So, these are the simple steps to identify a new Massey Ferguson tractor.

For second hand Massey Ferguson tractor

But if you are going to buy a second hand Massey tractor then it is kind of tricky one to identify the Mf tractor because the tractor gets old and the chances of fraud also increase. That’s why we are here to give you some tips on how to identify the Massey Ferguson tractor. So let’s check down bellow –

  • Go to the seller’s place and check the tractor by yourself.
  • It is hard to check the number plate because the tractor gets old and the number plate is also worn off. So in that case, you have to take a picture of the tractor.
  • Then show that picture to MF dealer. He will reorganize the tractor and tell you the model number of the tractor.
  • Another option is to compare the picture with the Massey Ferguson tractors.
Quick Tip:-
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If you have a picture of Massey Ferguson Tractor on hand then it is easy to describe the tractor.


Massey Ferguson Serial Number Search Engines

Those tractors which have rusty parts and worn number plates are harder to identify.

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