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We offer a single doctoral degree which may be earned in one of the following programs: clinical, cognitive, quantitative, or social psychology. Students admitted to one of these 4 programs enter with the expectation of continuing graduate study through the Ph.D. as the department does not admit terminal master's students.

A separate clinical child psychology training program has been developed for doctoral students in an interdepartmental program with the Department of Applied Behavioral Science. If interested in this program, please contact the Clinical Child Psychology program.

Demand/Need for the Program. The Clinical Psychology program has a Major area of Study in Health Psychology but admission to that program is quite limited and this certificate program could serve a. Free Statistics Lab Manual which loads into most spreadsheets. It is really a Quick way to learn. It is a stand alone but was designed to use with our free Quick Notes Statistics textbooks. The textbook f ree pdf version had 90,000 downloads during December of 2019.

Psychology is the scientific study of how and why people think, feel, and behave as they do. Our scientific approach to understanding human behavior equips our students with a solid foundation of analytical, research and clinical skills for careers in many fields with a human service emphasis. Majors include: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.) in Psychology and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Cognitive and Brain Sciences. We also offer minors in Psychology and Social and Behavioral Sciences Methodology. Our students have a wide variety of psychology courses from which to choose, but additional experiences and opportunities are available beyond the classroom. We have many opportunities for scholarship awards and extracurricular enrichment, including the Psi Chi International Honor Society in Psychology, a research-focused Honors Program, and research assistantships and volunteer opportunities in Faculty labs.

Ku clinical psychology program download free. software downloads
  • Health Psychology Certificate Program Handbook [PDF]
  • Course Offerings for Spring 2021 [PDF]

Program Description

Provide health psychology coursework to a variety of students enrolled in graduate study. Health psychology is involved in many professions to include psychology, educational psychology, allied health professions, exercise science, sociology, social welfare, and many others. Today’s health care is an interprofessional approach to service and health psychology will be part of patient contact and research being conducted in all health areas. Researchers and providers that have education and training in health psychology are in high demand with the changes in health care emerging. Epson scanner mac os. Our certificate will supply broad and specific education in health psychology theory, research and clinical applications.

Demand/Need for the Program

The Clinical Psychology program has a Major area of Study in Health Psychology but admission to that program is quite limited and this certificate program could serve a wide range of graduate students at the University of Kansas as well as graduate non-degree seeking students. One of the major demands right now across disciplines is interprofessional training and development. We hope this program will bring together persons seeking graduate education across many disciplines who will learn and work interprofessionally in a variety of health care settings. Health care is moving to “health homes” where patients will receive integrated behavioral health care especially for chronic health conditions. This certificate program will support various graduate students in their pursuit of interprofessional education and training. We have had students from a variety of graduate areas including clinical psychology take health psychology courses and indicate strong interest and desire to account for specialization in the area of health psychology

How to Apply

Ku clinical psychology program download free, software for beginners
Applications for the certificate program are accepted on a rolling basis.

Ku Clinical Psychology Program download free, software For Beginners

Psychology department graduate students who wish to pursue a Health Psychology Graduate Certificate should consult with the Dr. Kirk or Dr. Hamilton. The Department will then request that the College/school add a certificate to a graduate degree-seeking student’s plan. All other applicants must fill out an online application. Click here to complete your application online: Graduate Studies Application.

Current non-psychology department KU graduate students must include the following:
  • Statement of one’s interest in Health Psychology
  • Current Degree Progress Report (DPR) or Advising Report
  • Letter of support from home academic department
Non-KU graduate student applicants must include the following:
  • One letter of recommendation from persons familiar with your academic work or potential for graduate school
  • Transcripts from all institutions from which a degree was obtained, or any institutions attended post-bachelors. Copies of official transcripts that you have opened may be uploaded to the application online and used for admissions consideration. If you are admitted, sealed, or official electronic transcripts showing degree conferral, if applicable, must be provided by the end of your first semester at KU. Send official, sealed transcripts to:
Graduation Admissions
1450 Jayhawk Blvd.
  • Applicants who indicate English is not their native language: Proof of English proficiency, as required by the Office of Graduate Studies.
For questions regarding the application process, please contact:

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