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8thGrade Language Arts

East Middle School does not discriminate on the basis of an individual's actual or perceived race, color, national origin, disability, sex, including sexual harassment and/or sexual violence, ethnic group/ethnicity, weight, religion, religious practice, gender identity and sexual orientation, including heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, asexuality, creed, marital status, military. ELA practice exercises (beta) for 2nd to 9th grade, covering reading comprehension and vocabulary. Aligned to Common Core State Standards for Reading: Literature; Reading: Informational Text, and Vocabulary Acquisition and Use. Miller's 6th Grade Science Web Page. Email: [email protected] Homework Policy: Homework is due the next school day unless otherwise noted. If homework is not complete on the due date, the student will have one week to complete the assignment for partial credit. After one week the student will receive no credit for the assignment.


I welcome yourstudent and you back for another year of exciting learning and growingopportunities! I will be teaming with your student’s social studies teacher tooffer well-rounded, integrated learning experiences.

Your studentis very familiar with the Springboard curriculum and we will continue to buildon skills he/she has acquired in 6th and 7th grade. Thiscurriculum is especially rewarding to work with as it does allow students tocarry over information and skills with which they are familiar while extendingtheir learning at the same time. Springboard provides me with manyopportunities to gear learning activities to individual student levels,accelerating when indicated and modifying instruction as needed, therefore allstudent learning needs can be met.

Below is abrief overview of what the Springboard curriculum will cover for 8thgrade:

·MultipleIntelligences – a brief look at how individuals learn differently and theopportunity for the student to identify his/her learning style(s)

·Writingessays in a variety of formats and styles

oHeroism–use a variety of texts to understand traits and types of heroes and theirjourneys to write a definition essay

oMediaInfluence and Persuasion Techniques-Study persuasion techniques and theirapplication to write a persuasive essay

oTheChallenge of Comedy – analyze the elements of humor in a given short story towrite an analytical essay

·LiteratureCircles – focusing on discussion and communication skills using the Holocaustas a focus

·EssayRevision and Reflection

While thismay appear to be a short list of activities the Springboard curriculum devotesa great deal of time to breaking down the skills required for learning success.A variety of instructional methods including large group, individual, smallgroup and partners will add to each student’s learning experience.

Goodman hasbeen selected as a demonstration site for SpringBoard for the next two years.We are excited and proud of this distinction. While it will not change ourinstruction it does mean that we will receive additional professionaldevelopment from Springboard and have periodic visitors coming in ourclassrooms to see the SpringBoard strategies implemented. You are also welcometo come observe the class at any time, just let me know.

I lookforward to the coming year of working with your student and guiding his/herlearning. You may contact me at 530-1659 or [email protected];


Mary AnnePaeth


The followingare my policies in regard to absences, homework, grading, and behaviorexpectations. Please read them carefully, signthe final page and return it with your student.


As stated inthe Behavior Expectations below, I believe each student is responsible forhis/her own learning. I also believe that learning is a partnership betweenstudent, teacher and parent. Classroom instruction is very important andstudents should strive to be in class each day. Realistically, illness doesoccur and an absence may be necessary. I have a website that can be accessedthrough the school website. If a student is absent, the first thing to do isread the website to know what was covered in class. Sometimes the missed workwill be able to be completed while absent. Whenthe student returns, it the student’s responsibility to contact me and requestany missed materials or work.


As stated inmy Grading Policy below I do believe homework is a valuable learning tool. Iconsider homework to be a practice tool for a final assessment, project orproduct. Just like learning to play the piano or anything new, you getproficient by practicing. The same is true for the skills students will learnin Springboard. Practicing through the time invested in the homework will bereflected in the success of the final assessment. I will keep track of homeworkassignments completed and mastered and those grades will be reflected asHomework or Quiz on Parent Portal though not calculated in the final grade. Latehomework will be accepted two weeks after the due date. After that date theassignment will not be graded.


I base mygrading practices on theBest Grading Practices recently recommendedby the Peninsula School District. The entirety of thisdocument can be viewed on the PSD District website. To summarize, I believe studentsshould be graded on final products and projects. To that end I view dailyhomework and in-class work as practice in preparation for the final evaluationand thus they are not included in a student’s final grade. Students areprovided with a clearly stated daily learning target intended to inform themand provide a clear instructional focus.

On finaltests, projects and products I do expect each student to meet a mastery levelof 80% to demonstrate his/her understanding of the material covered. Forstudents who receive a grade below 80% I expect him/her to take advantage of theopportunity to improve his/her learning by utilizing the reassessment process. Studentswho fail to meet the minimum standard will be expected to be availablefor additional support, instruction and guidance by the teacher in order toprepare for a reassessment. I do expect students to assume an active role inpreparation for the reassessment meaning they take initiative to request anyhelp or remediation they may need to meet the 80% standard on the reassessment.

Students willhave two weeks from the date that the initial essay, project, or test isreturned to them to complete the reassessment. After that date students willnot have the opportunity to complete the reassessment and the original gradewill be calculated into the student’s grade for the class.


My gradingscale is as follows:

100% - 90% =A

89% - 80% = B

79% or below= Incomplete

As statedabove, students have two weeks from the return of the assignment to resubmit tomeet the standard.

Class Materials

Students willbe given a consumable SpringBoard textbook. This text will be used in classevery day and students are expected to have it with them. There will be timeswhen students will need to bring their text home. The textbook can also beaccessed on-line by going to the SpringBoard website www.SpringBoard.CollegeBoard.orgYour student will be given the information as to how to access and navigate theon-line textbook. If the text is lost it will be the student’s responsibilityto purchase a replacement.

Students willalso need a 2 pocket/3 pronged report folder to use in class as well as redpens, pencils and highlighters.


You canaccess my website through the Goodman website. There you will find theassignments and activities for the week and what we are doing on a given day aswell as test and project due dates. I encourage you to access the website ifyou have any questions about the curriculum or assignments.


Classroom Behavior Expectationsand Consequences

Ms. Paeth


In order for that tohappen I expect you to:

§Bein your seat BEFORE the bell rings

§Haveall books, materials, and assignments at the beginning of class.

§Showrespect for yourself and others through your behavior and language.

§Followdirections given by the teacher.


If a student fails to meet the classroom Expectationslisted above, the following steps will be followed:**Video converter webm to mp4 program download freebackstage.

1.Areminder from the teacher about the Expectations.

If the problem continues, the Teacher may:

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2.Havea conference with the student regarding appropriate behavior. If the behaviorcontinues during that period or a future class the Teacher may:

3.Assignedan Honor Time detention. If a studentfails to serve an Honor Time Detention,

Information8th Grade Ela Page

4.ALunch Detention will be assigned.

**The student’s parent anda building Administrator may be contacted at any point in this progression ofconsequences

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Pleasesign and have your students return this page.

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Ihave read the Parent Letter and the Class Expectations and Grading Policydocuments and reviewed them with my son/daughter.

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