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Posted By admin On 23/08/21
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News, advice, and info from the Info Sci Geek for business owners. Adding a new user to your Google Analytics account. By Louise Treadwell Jan 21, 2020.

  1. News, advice, and info from the Info Sci Geek for business owners. Adding a new user to your Google Analytics account. By Louise Treadwell Jan 21, 2020. You can add additional users to your account to give them access to your data. Adding a new user to your Google Analytics is a very easy process.
  2. While 2020 was an awful year in many respects—covid, social unrest, political chaos, and economic strife—it was good for one Continue Reading →.

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The internet works inhumanly fast, and less than 24 hours after Bernie Sanders sitting at the Presidential Inauguration became a meme, nick_sawhney put together a site that lets you add Bernie to any location using Google Photos.

I made a website where you can put bernie in places using google maps street view. Enjoy!

— nick (@nick_sawhney) January 21, 2021Your

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Obviously I put in the address of the White House and this was the result:

Word Problems With Pictographs & Frequency Tables. In this short data analysis lesson, students learn what pictographs and frequency tables are, and how to use them. This mini chapter provides curriculum-based content in the form of pre-assessment, lesson plan, and real-world word problems. This lesson is suitable for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. Pictographs lesson.

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It's not as nuanced as some of the Photoshops that have been floating around, but it's pretty effective for something where you just type in an address. Kind of like that creepy stalker private investigator I hired. I just send him an address and he sends me a bunch of that person's used socks. Hey, don't judge. I'm not stealing the socks. I'm only sniffing them.

You can check out the Bernie Sits site here.