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The fun derived from playing TheBinding of Isaac can differ depending on which character you decide to play as. Some seeds suit certain characters, and some characters make all runs more challenging. Choosing a favorite character is difficult and entirely subjective, but we thought we’d give it a go anyway. Here are The Binding of Isaac characters ranked, starting from the worst to the best.

15. The Keeper

Do you need unlock anything else, you can also check the unlockables full guide How to Unlock The Lost in Binding of Isaac – Afterbirth. Step by step to unlock The Lost in Binding of Isaac Afterbirth: Looking for Mom’s Box in shops makes finding the poster easier.; Glitter Bombs, in conjunction with a large enough or infinite source of bombs (such as a Gold Bomb), have a small chance to. This Binding Of Isaac gameplay involves how to unlock the new character THE FORGOTTEN!More Isaac Merch

Let’s getthis one out of the way fast. There aren’t many positive things to say aboutthe Keeper – he is an extremely difficult character to play as that leaves youat risk of death in every single room. It’s also very difficult to be able totake devil deal items with the Keeper due to the way his HP is linked to coins.

The onlysaving grace for the character is the fact that he starts with The Inner Eye,leading to the potential for some fun early synergies. For me, though, theKeeper has to find himself at the bottom of our ‘The Binding of Isaac charactersranked’ list.

14. The Forgotten / TheSoul

TheForgotten – and his ghostly chained companion – are an acquired taste in theIsaac community. Some love playing as the Forgotten, while others try to avoidat all costs. I am in the latter camp.

There is nodenying that the Forgotten is a unique player that is able to produce someinteresting synergies, but the fact that you must rely heavily on melee attacksand carefully monitoring the HP of two characters at the same time make himdifficult to play as and, at times, quite frustrating. Perhaps a better playerthan me would be able to make the Forgotten work in a more efficient way.

13. Magdalene

Maggie is agreat character to learn how to play the game. She starts with a good amount ofHP and you can tank your way through the early floors of the game withouthaving to worry too much about dying as you get acquainted with the enemies androoms in the game.

Her poormovement speed and below average starting active item (Yum Heart) means thatyou’ll quickly want to progress onto a different character as you get better atthe game, though.

12. Blue Baby (???)

Blue Babyis not particularly great, but not particularly poor either. The main pull forthe character is that he is unable to take red heart damage, meaning that devildeals are guaranteed early on even if you are hit by enemies. Other than that,there’s isn’t much to say about Blue Baby, he’s a very average character.

11. Lilith

Lilith hasthe potential to be great, but only in certain situations. Namely, it could beargued that Lilith is the most powerful character in Greed Mode due to theability to repeatedly use the Box of Friends active item that she starts with.

On a normalrun, though, Lilith can be frustrating, and you have to quickly adapt to firingtears from Incubus – if you don’t, the run will be over quickly. CambionConception does give Lilith the chance to spawn Dark Bum early on in the game,which is always nice, but not enough to move her higher on our list of the Bindingof Isaac characters ranked.

10. Cain

How To Get The Forgotten Binding Of Isaac

Cain is astrong character who starts with good luck and speed stats that can give you anextra boost on the early floors. He also carries the Master of Lockpickingtrinket which can allow you to freely open Gold Chests from the start of a run.Despite being a strong character, though, Cain lacks that special somethingthat would push him higher up the list.

9. Apollyon

Apollyon canbe a very fun character to play with and, with the use of the Void, you canquickly nullify the annoyance of finding bad items early on in the game byturning them into stats. You can also build the ultimate active item by usingthe Void to absorb the abilities of your favorite items in the game.

A lot of people find Apollyon to be a disappointment but, for me, he is definitely one of the best Binding of Isaac characters to play as.

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8. Eve

Eve is anotherpowerful character who has the ability to become strong early on. She canactivate the Whore of Babylon effect sooner than any other character andcarries the passive Dead Bird item from the start.

Once you’veunlocked the Razor Blade as a starting item for Eve (donate 439 coins to the GreedDonation Machine), you can transform a poor run into a powerful one in thematter of seconds and storm your way through the early floors in no time.

7. Azazel

When Ifirst started playing the game, Azazel was (in my eyes) the best Binding ofIsaac character by far, and the one that I turned to for a quick and easyrun. I’ve since fallen slightly out of love with the fallen angel, though.

The factthat Azazel starts with Brimstone and the ability to fly is a major plus, butthe more you play the game you realize that the limited range that Azazel hascan quickly become a problem and, oftentimes, lead to the abrupt end of a run.But Azazel was the character that made me fall in love with the game and, forthat, I can’t rank him lower. I still fondly remember one of my first everruns, in which I was presented with the Ludovico Technique and Tiny Planet onthe first floor – if only all runs were that easy…


6. The Lost

The Lost isone of the more challenging characters to play as, but also one of the most funand rewarding. With no HP and starting with the Holy Mantle, you are only twoshots away from death in every room you walk into (unless you have the Blanket),but this just adds to the intensity and problem solving required to completethe run.

The mainattraction of The Lost is the ability to freely take devil deal items withoutworrying about the HP sacrifice. If you’re lucky enough to get a four-item devildeal with Satan early on, the run could get out of hand fast. The Lost hasquickly become a favorite for me and is easily one of the best characters in TheBinding of Isaac series.

5. Lazarus

Lazarus iscertainly one of the best Binding of Isaac characters and, if you areable to quickly switch over to resurrected Lazarus on the first floor, thepotential for an OP run is greatly increased.

Lazarus’starting stats are fairly average but, once resurrected, your damage, tears,range, speed, and luck all improve. Lazarus also has the added benefit ofstarting with Anemic passive item, which improves range and leaves a trail ofdamaging red creep in his path.

How to get the forgotten binding of isaac mizrahi

4. Isaac

Once you unlockthe D6 as a starting item for Isaac, he becomes one of the strongest charactersin the game. The ability to change poor items throughout the entire run canlead to Isaac taking you on an OP run in which you can reroll for your favoriteitems at will. Indeed, Isaac is the character that all players begin as, and healso evokes a feeling of nostalgia when returning to play as him.

3. Samson

Samson isone of the strongest playable characters in the game and has the ability toharness incredible power early on due to the passive use of Lusty Blood. Samsonalready starts with good starting stats, but the ability to gain damage aftertaking damage make Samson especially powerful and can lead to some greatsynergies, such as with the Dull Razor or the IV Bag.

Always funto play as, Samson fully warrants a place near the top of our Binding ofIsaac characters ranked list.

2. Judas

When Ifirst started playing the game, I avoided Judas at all costs because of the lowHP that leaves you vulnerable to a one-shot death from the start. After developingas a player, I quickly realised that Judas is, in fact, one of the best Bindingof Isaac characters and has the potential to obliterate that early floors withease – especially once you unleash The Book of Belial.

Once you throwBlack Judas into the mix (spawned when a character dies while holding Judas’Shadow), things can get out of hand fast. Black Judas is a powerful characterthat has the best starting stats of any other character. There is no doubt thatJudas should be near the top of our ‘Binding of Isaac characters ranked’list.

1. Eden

Perhaps a controversial decision but, for me, Eden is the best character in TheBinding of Isaac. The unpredictability of each run adds to the fun and excitement of each play and adds to the incredible replay value of the game. It’s true, you could start with Isaac’s Heart and Butter Bean, but you could also start with Tech X and Spoon Bender.

The goodruns are fun, and the bad ones present an interesting challenge to be overcome.Plus, without Eden runs I wouldn’t have become addicted to Northernlionand Sinvictaplaythroughs, among others. Without hesitation, I’m placing Eden as number 1 inour The Binding of Isaac characters ranked list.

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All of the Binding of Isaac games have characters to unlock, each with their own special abilities. Unfortunately though, some of them are pretty tough to unlock. That’s why I’m here with this awesome guide!

The original Binding of Isaac game has 6 characters that can be unlocked, and if you buy the ‘Wrath of the Lamb’ DLC you’ll have one extra!

In the next game, ‘The binding of Isaac: Rebirth’, there are 11 characters you can play as, seven of which are in the original and the Wrath of the Lamb DLC. For Rebirth you can buy another DLC called, ‘The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth’.


The Binding of Isaac (Original):

Isaac: Unlocked by default. Just load up the game to play as him.

Magdalene: Have 7 heart containers at the same time. Magdalene starts with the Yum Heart, which heals you by one heart.

Cain: Have 55 coins at any given time. However, this only works in one playthrough.

Judas: Defeat Mom’s Heart.

Play The Binding Of Isaac

Eve: Make at least two deals with the devil in one run.

???: Defeat It Lives (a more difficult version of Mum’s Heart, unlocked after beating Mum’s Heart 9 times).

Wrath of the Lamb DLC:

Samson: Skip two treasure rooms and defeat Mum.

Tip: Try and go for Eve and Samson at the same time.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth:

Isaac: Same as original.

Magdalene: Same as original.

Cain: Same as original.

Judas: Beat Satan

???: Beat Mum’s Heart 10 times. Coconut vowels.

Eve: Get past 2 floor in a row without collecting any health.

Samson: Beat 2 floors taking no damage. This is pretty hard.

Azazel: Make three deals with the devil in one run.

Lazarus: Have 4 soul hearts/black hearts at the same time.

Eden: Defeat Mum’s Heart (Every time you defeat Mum’s Heart you earn an Eden token which lets you play as Eden for one run).

The Lost: This character requires 4 steps to be unlocked. You must complete these steps in the order listed below. If not you’ll have to start all over again, which no one wants.

1) Isaac must die to a Mulliboom in the basement/cellar.

2) Magdalene must die to her own bomb in The caves/The Catacombs

3) Judas must die to any mum attack in The Depths/Necropolis. Being killed by any monster will spoil the entire attempt.

4) Azazel must die to any Satan attack in Sheol. Being killed by any monster will spoil the entire attempt. This includes The Fallen at the start of the Satan fight.

If you follow all these steps in that order, you’ll unlock The Lost in no time!

Afterbirth DLC:

The Lost: In Afterbirth it is much simpler to unlock The Lost. to unlock it, you just need to die in a sacrifice room holding the Missing Poster.

How To Get The Forgotten Binding Of Isaac

Lilith: Complete Greed Mode with Azazel.

Keeper: Give 1000 coins to the Greed Machine, which appears after every Ultra Greed fight.

How To Unlock Forgotten Isaac

Hopefully this guide helped you in your quest to unlock all the characters!

The Forgotten Xbox Binding Of Isaac

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