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You could play it safe and use the standard Arial or Helvetica fonts. Or, you could use a handwriting font, a typeface that looks like it’s been written by hand. Handwritten fonts are nothing new, but they’ve gained popularity over the years. I thought that for the price this book would teach cursive. By teach I mean emphasize technique, perhaps break letters down and give practice sheets for parts of letters. At a minimum I expected to see a lot of arrows and guides on how to form the letters.


or hand wringing(hănd′rĭng′ĭng)

Types Of Handwriting Fonts

1. Clasping and squeezing of the hands, often in distress.
2. An excessive expression of distress: handwringing by some experts over the state of the economy.

My Handwriting Font Free

American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.


(ˈhændˌrɪŋə) Handwritingfont For ThoughtnThought
a person who wrings the hands often as a display of worry or upset
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Fonts for handwriting

Hasn’t all the talk this month about using alphas and fonts to create beautiful titles been fun?! I am really enjoying it. I wanted to take a little bit of a different approach to fonts and just share with you some of my favorite journaling fonts. While I have a very large collection of fonts (ok, it’s a huge collection – more than I care to admit!), I do have a few “go-to” fonts that I reach for all the time. I wanted to share my favorite journaling fonts with you as well as provide you with a link to where you can download them. Unless I mention otherwise, they’re all free fonts. You’ve gotta love that, right?!

I have to admit, there was a huge plus for me when writing this post. I used it as a chance to look through my collection of fonts. It was fun and reminded me of a few fonts that I’d completely forgotten about!

First lets talk journaling fonts. There are typewriter fonts, handwriting fonts, serif fonts, san serif fonts, flourish-y fonts, you name it. The biggest thing for me with journaling fonts is their legibility. It’s kind of boring, but a lot of times when the journaling is simply about telling the story and the journaling isn’t an artistic part of the page, I’ll just use Century Gothic. Yup. Good old Century Gothic. I believe it comes loaded on all computers so you’ve most likely got it. On other occasions (most of the time!) the journaling is doing double duty. Sure, it’s telling the story, but it can also be an artistic part of the page and can help convey the feeling of the page. So, when good old Century Gothic doesn’t suffice for me, I’ve got a large selection of other go-to fonts and I’d like to share a few of them with you. Note, wherever possible, I’ve created the font name as a clickable link to where you can download the font.

1. Journaling Fonts: Typewriter Fonts

My first category is typewriter fonts. I use typewriter fonts a lot and these are my favorites:

  • Traveling Typewriter (from dafont)
  • VT Portable Remington (from dafont)
  • A Typewriter for Me (from dafont)
  • Adler (from dafont)
  • Rough Typewriter (from dafont)
  • Very Fine Serif (from dafont)
Handwriting font for thought making

2. Journaling Fonts: Handwriting Fonts

When I’m journaling on a page where the mood is more playful or I want my page to look more paper scrapped or look as if I’m using my own handwriting, I’ll use a handwriting font. Following are a couple of my favorite handwriting fonts:

  • SNF Sophia (from ScrapNFonts)
  • Pea Andrea (from Kevin & Amanda)
  • Pea Jay (from Kevin & Amanda)
  • Baby Boston (from Fonts 101)
  • Pea Robyn (from Kevin & Amanda)
  • Allura (from Font Squirrel)
  • Liorah BH (from A-Z Fonts)
  • Lainie Day (from Urban Fonts)

So, there you have it; my favorite journaling fonts. As I mentioned, I’ve got a huge collection of fonts. Since I looked through my font list, for fun I thought I’d share with you just a couple of my other favorite random fonts. These are fonts that I generally wouldn’t use for journaling, but that are awesome for titles or other accents on my pages.

Handwriting Font For Thought Writing

3. Favorite Random Fonts

  • String fellows (from Creative Market) (Note, this is not a free font, but it’s awesome!)
  • Porcelain (from dafont)
  • One Fell Swoop (from dafont)
  • Rushistly (from Creative Market) (Note, this is not a free font, but it’s gorgeous!)
  • Fluoxetine (from dafont)
  • Foglihten No.06 (from dafont)

I hope I’ve shared with you a couple of fonts you may not have in your digi stash!

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Handwriting Font For Thought Provoking

Until next time … Happy scrapping!

Handwriting Font For Thoughts

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