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An enduring classic, American Graffiti celebrates an America of the early 1960s, where teenagers cruise the streets in hot rods and rock and roll tops the music charts. Inspired by his youth in the valley town of Modesto, California, Graffiti was George Lucas’ second feature film, andis a masterwork of vibrant colors, exciting soundtracks, and endearing characters. A story of coming-of-age, it remains one of the most successful films in history.


Over the course of a summer evening, four teenage friends ponder their futures, navigating relationships centered around the cruising culture of their sleepy town in California’s San Joaquin valley. After a madcap series of hilarious encounters, they each make decisions that will forever change their lives.

Somebody wants me. Somebody who’s out there roaming the streets wants me!

Get Heckticgraffiti Movies & Documentaries 2019

Get Heckticgraffiti Movies & Documentaries
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Get heckticgraffiti movies & documentaries on amazonGet Heckticgraffiti Movies & Documentaries

Get Heckticgraffiti Movies & Documentaries 2017

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