Fallout 3 Weather Mods

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Fallout 3 Weather Mods

Recommended Mods

A number of other mods were used alongside FWE during it's development. Using these mods in conjunction with FWE is HIGHLY recommended. These mods are not included in FWE for a number of reasons, including: being complex mods in their own right; the authors did not wish their works to be included; or the mods addressed different aspects of Fallout 3 and were not appropriate to include in FWE. Recommended mods include:


Darn's UI ................... by Darn
Overhauls the entire in-game menu system, getting rid of console-itis in the process. This is mod is ESSENTIAL for PC users.


FOIP (Fallout Interoperability Program) is a cooperative project between many major mod developers to provide Compatiblity Patches (CP's) between major mods. All of the mods below are part of the FOIP program, and were used in tandem with FWE's development. You can get the FOIP CP's through the Fallout 3 Nexus.
Martigen's Mutant Mod ............. by Martigen
Adds new monsters and variations, increases number of spawns, and more. This is an highly recommended mod to be used along side FWE (Requires FOIP)
Weapon Mod Kits ................ by Antistar
This mod adds new 'mods' to the game, like scopes and laser sights, that you can attach to most of the original weapons (Requires FOIP).
Energy Visuals Enhanced ................ by WJS
This mod greatly improves the weapon models/textures and visual effects for energy weapons (Requires FOIP).
Project Beauty .............. Dracomies and SpaceOden
Overhaul's NPC making faces more attractive (in some cases) and more realistic and unique overall (Requires FOIP).


Robco Certified ................ TheTalkieToaster
Perk tree allowing you to build + command robots. Makes the science skill more important.
Wasteland Whisperer .............. TheTalkieToaster
Perk tree allowing you to tame + command animals. Makes the speech skill serve a purpose.


Realistic Interior Lighting .............. Scarecrow
Mod reduces the brightness of interiors be turning down the 'source-less' or ambient light levels. This makes the game much creepier and makes sneaking a bit more interesting.
Street Lights .............. SpeedyB64 and RW2112
Wasteland Street Lights .............. willemjd
These two mods (when combined) selectively restores power to streetlights around the wasteland and DC. This works well in conjunction with a mod that makes exteriors darker at nights (such as dynamic weather, below).
Great weather mod that sticks with the fallout 3 'feel' but adds more diversity to the weather patterns. Has darker night options as well.
WeatherFallout 3 Weather Mods

Fallout 3 Weather Mods 1.12.2

Vmware fusion for mac os x 10.10.5cookingbrown. Fallout 3 on sale at GOG: video describes how to change the default green tinted lighting and add weather patterns.

Fallout 3 Weather Mods Apk

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  2. Weather is a feature introduced in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts. In the games preceding this the standard unchanging weather conditions were sunny or overcast, later becoming more immersive for Fallout 4 and Fallout 76. 1 Fallout 2 Fallout 2 3 Fallout: New Vegas 4 Fallout 4 5 Fallout 76 6 Gallery 7 References Some Adytum citizens comment on the likelihood of rain soon, others.