Eled 411 Seminarchelsea Bagwell's Teaching Portfolio

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  3. Eled 411 Seminarchelsea Bagwell's Teaching Portfolio
This paper describes a qualitative research study concerning the use of the World Wide Web to create electronic teaching portfolios in a preservice teacher education pilot course at the University of Virginia. The goal of the pilot course was to learn about the participants' purpose in creating an electronic teaching portfolio, the process they employed to create one, and the learning gained in the process. Interviews with the participating preservice teacher education students, participant observation in their class, and analysis of the journals students maintained revealed that the process was constructivist, demanding, and multifaceted. A brief review of the literature is provided, as well as a discussion of the following empirical assertions that resulted from the study: (1) creating electronic teaching portfolios is a constructivist process that promotes an examination of students' beliefs, philosophies, objectives, and purposes for teaching; (2) constructing electronic teaching portfolios using technology, specifically the Web, was a complex and demanding process for students; and (3) students enrolled in the course to enhance their technology skills, to create a portfolio in a structured manner, and to make themselves more marketable for jobs. (Author/AEF)
Eled 411 Seminarchelsea BagwellPortfolio

Eled 411 Seminarchelsea Bagwell's Teaching Portfolio Examples

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Eled 411 Seminarchelsea Bagwell's Teaching Portfolio Allocation

Eled 411 seminarchelsea bagwell

Eled 411 Seminarchelsea Bagwell's Teaching Portfolio

  • Name, The Teaching Portfolio, Date, Course, Professor 2. Table of Contents Page – Be creative again! List out all the sections of the binder. The Teaching Portfolio Record Sheet 4. Student Permission Forms 5. Task #1 Tab: All materials from Task #1 go into this section. Context Commentary 6.
  • During this session, 7 different E-Portfolio systems/models were stationed in the various break-out rooms. Users of the systems (either a student or faculty member), demonstrated their projects/tools and answered questions for participants at.