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Driver's Daily Log and Trip Sheet
With Daily Vehicle Check
Control drivers and vehicles with this off-the-shelf, easy to use, log book system. Monitor fuel usage, distances travelled, driver’s hours and performance, vehicle roadworthiness, and record who drove what, where and when.
It provides for recording, the date, driver’s name, names of employees accompanying the driver, vehicle registration number, trailer registration number, kilometre reading at start and end of duty, distance covered, place started and ended duty, time started and ended work, hours at normal time, overtime hours, as well as the amount of fuel and oil taken on. The log also allows for up to 17 drops or collections to be recorded alongside odometer readings, customer names, consignment numbers, times arrived and departed, etc.

Daily Vehicle Check
On the reverse side of the daily log is a new improved vehicle inspection report. All the driver needs to do is simply tick off each item, indicating whatever needs attention. So you ensure roadworthiness and safety while avoiding heavy fines. There is also provision to record body damage.

Our Walkaround Vehicle Check MiniCHARTS>are also a useful guide.


Each book has 31 sets of duplicate A5 forms (one for each day of the month) with a perforated tear-out original and a fixed copy. Pages are consecutively and uniquely numbered for security, have pre-punched filing holes. A sheet of carbon comes with each book.

Driver Dispatch and Scheduling This spreadsheet is personalized for dispatch managers to view employee hours and manage scheduling. It has sections for each employee and includes their. A driver log book or sheet is commonly used by the drivers to document the trips and miles he has traveled on his vehicle for a given time of period. Driver log sheet is considered an important part of a driver’s life and is just like a legal diary. Schedule template excel spread sheets can be highly effective in managing the schedule. Get one Downloaded from the Web. There are numerous collections available that features different.


Trip planing for truck drivers is an essential skill to have to become a successful and profitable truck driver. It takes very little time to trip plan and it will save you from making costly mistakes. In this article I will use an example to teach you how to trip plan.

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Please note that this is just a simple example. Maximum truck speed is 60 MPH and time zones are not accounted for.


Shipper: Melissa’s Melons

Pick Date: Monday at 8:00pm

Consignee: Foods Distribution

Delivery Date: Thursday at 7:00AM

Total Trip Mile : 1201 Miles

You make it to the shipper after a already long day decide that you are tired and do not want to drive after loading even though you have 2 legal hours left to drive. You want some extra off time for yourself since your day has sucked.

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You wake up in the morning and leave at 9am and drive 11 hours plus take breaks, get fuel and shower which adds 2 hours to your day. So you have driven 660 miles and ended your day at 10pm.

Printable truck driver trip sheet

The next day you leave as soon as your 10 hour rest period ends at 8am and do the same as the day before. So your day ends at 9pm and you find that you are not at the shipper like you thought you would be. You have driven a total of 1320 miles on this load. Notice something wrong here? The original trip was 1201 miles. Now you get this sinking feeling in your gut that something is wrong.

Driver route sheet

You check the mileage on your cell phone, map or whatever and it tells you the mileage is actually 1369 miles. You still have 59 miles to drive but your not legal to drive again until 7am. Now you will arrive exactly one hour late if you have no other delays.

  1. If you would have driven one or two hours the night you loaded you would have been on time.
  2. Even if you had exhausted all your hours for that day you couldn’t have driven, you could have still left earlier than you did and made it on time.
  3. If you couldn’t have left earlier or driven the night you loaded you could have told your dispatcher that you can’t make it and they could have rescheduled your appointment.
  4. The end result is you being late, not getting unloaded till later in the day and the company having a service failure because you didn’t trip plan like you should have.
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Drivers Schedule Template

Trip planning for truck drivers tips

Truck Driver Route Sheet

  1. First things first in trip planning is to check the true mileage to your delivery point.
  2. Do the math and see if you have enough hours to legally get to your destination.
  3. Plan out where you are going to stop each night and how many miles you have to make a day to be on time.
  4. If it is tight or you think you may not make it on time communicate this to your dispatcher ASAP!
  5. Write the directions to the consignee on the top of your windshield with a dry erase marker so you don’t have to keep looking at your Qualcomm.
  6. Never compromise safety to be on time.