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Posted By admin On 22/08/21
Hi friends, Today in this post we are going to see how to crack the Windows Password Using the latest version of backtrack 5 r3.(You can Download BACKTRACK 5 R3 Here)

Password Hacking software, free download - Password Protector, RAR Password Cracker, RAR Password Unlocker, and many more programs. Reset local Administrotor and user's password for Windows 10, 8.1/8, Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000. (Personal/Professional/Advanced Edition)Create new local administrator account to Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000 without logining.

Basic Requirements :

Hal ini benar-benar menjengkelkan jika Anda lupa sandi Windows XP dan tidak dapat masuk. Tetapi ada banyak Windows XP password cracker perangkat lunak yang tersedia untuk memecahkan masalah ini. Di sini kita akan memperkenalkan Wondershare LiveBoot crack password Windows XP Anda. Download dan menginstal Wondershare LiveBoot di komputer lain. Hacking a Windows XP admin password is easy now. Here are two simple ways can help you hack Windows XP without any password. Whenever we need to hack a Windows XP admin password for that we forgot it and cannot login, these two tricks is always available and easy. Trick 1: Hack Windows XP Password by Using A Bootable CD/DVD/USB. A quick demonstration on how to hack into a Windows XP system. Make sure you are aware of the default Administrator account on your system that does not have.

  1. Bootable Pendrive or DVD of BACKTRACK 5 R3. (Click Here to make Bootable Pendrive Of Backtrack 5)
  2. Knowledge of Basic CMD commands.
Follow the Below Steps to Crack Windows Password :
Step1: Boot the BACKTRACK from the Bootable Pendrive or DVD of BACKTRACK.
Step2: After Backtrack totally loaded open the Terminal feature of backtrack.

Step3: Simply run the following command given in following Capture:

Step 4: After All the commands are Successfully Executed then shutdown the Backtrack and run the windows whose password you want to crack:
Step 5: When windows ask for password click on the Utility Icon, it runs the CMD window and type the command i.e. 'net user' which shows all the user associated with the windows. After this type the command 'netuser <User_Name>Password *' and hit enter. Now this ask for new password, Enter new password and restart System . After restart,You can get Log In into Windows with your new password :
Note : For more Detail of these commands click here.

Windows allow its users to set multiple passwords to it. You can save your precious information from the uninvited people. On the other hand, Windows doesn't provide any good feature for recovering the forgotten password for it. If you have forgotten your Windows password, you are in a big trouble of losing all your data.

People who try to lock their Windows with password often forgets the password for it. This mainly occur when you don't use your computer for a long time or you have many other passwords to remember. Recovering a forgotten or lost Windows password is not so easy. A lot of people actually delete the old Windows and install a new one, but this is definitely not the solution for it. There are a lot of Windows password key free software that can help you recover your lost Windows key without even deleting your whole data. Some of them are as follow.

Top 1. PassFab 4WinKey Free Version

PassFab 4WinKey can remove and reset your Windows local admin password or guest account password with in some simple clicks. The software is really fast and has good user interface. The free version of this software allows you to create a bootable password reset disk through CD/DVD/USB. In order to reset or remove Windows password, you have to purchase the full version at last.

Top 2. Ophcrack

Ophcrack is totally free and very easy to use. You just have to know the basic knowledge of Windows and you can use it. This software doesn't require installation, that is, you can run directly through flash drive or disc. Some of the issues with the free version are that you cannot recover a password with 14+ length. The software doesn't support Windows 10 recovery and you have to go through the boot process in order to run this software through a flash drive or disc .

Top 3. Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

Download Windows Xp Professional Password Hack Free Pc

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor can provide you Windows password reset key free. The software doesn't require any of the installation to the computer. Some of the best features of this software include the quickness of this software. The software works for Windows 10 and all the way down to XP. The software deletes the password completely. The software works from the command prompt, so it contains textual interface only that can be disturbing sometime. You have to boot a device in order to start the recovery process through this software.

Top 4. John the Ripper

John the Ripper is really known for its small size and quickness. This software can recover your lost forgotten very easily. The full version of this software is totally free and runs from within the Windows. The main issue in this software is that it hasn't been updated since 2013. The software runs through command line, so it lacks a good interface for sure.

Top 5. Cain & Abel

Cain & Abel is free and very easy to install. Besides recovery, this amazing software provides more useful features as well. Unlike other recovery tools, this software is much more advanced. The software requires a Windows account in order to recover the password. The software works for Windows XP and older versions of Windows only. It hasn't been updated since a while and it asks you to download external files as well to recover the lost or forgotten password.

Top 6. Kon-Boot

Kon-Bootis known to recover the password through the easiest ways. You can get your Windows password key free USB or CD/DVD very easily. You don't need to install this software into your computer's hard drive. The basic issue with this amazing software is that it doesn't support Windows 10 and 8 but works like a charm with the older versions. It doesn't support 64-bit operating system as well.

Top 7. LCP

LCP installs very quickly. The software is really short in size and can provide you Windows password key USB free recovery. The basic issue with this software is that it doesn't provide anymore updates and so it doesn't work with the newer versions of the Windows. Another issue with software is that you need to have access to the Windows in order to recover the lost or forgotten password of your Windows.

Top 8. Trinity Rescue Kit

Trinity Rescue Kit can help you delete your forgotten or lost password without even having access to your user account. Base jumping in china. This software allows you to set new password to your Windows as well. The basic issue of this software is that it doesn't have a very nice user interface and not so easy to use. You have to boot through devices in order to recover your lost password for Windows.

Top 9. Hash Suite

Hash Suite works on a different principle. The software doesn't invert the hashes as other Windows password removers do. The software on the other hand, generates some hashes and then compare them with the original password on the target computer. The software can recover any sort of password but you may have to try multiple attacks for it.

Top 10. Mimikatz

Windows Xp Pro Free Download

Mimikatz is an open source software that can help you get your Windows login details. That is, it is not actually to remove or reset forgotten Windows password. It can help you get your password back that you forgot or lost. There is a special command for this software that can help you see your password with clear text, that is, 'sekurlsa::logonpasswords'.


Free Windows Xp Professional Download

Windows allow users to set password to it so that no other person can view or edit your personal information without your permission. Sometimes, a user may forget the password, for such, Windows doesn't provide any forgot password feature and it becomes difficult for a user to recover the lost password. In the above article we have seen some of the amazing free Windows password recovery software that can help you recover your Windows password within minutes. We strongly recommend PassFab 4WinKey to you. If you can find any other amazing free software that can recover Windows lost password, do let us know. Thank you.