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There are times when we want to use different photo editors to edit out pictures for fun just to take a break from our jobs and other tasks at hand. We usually use these kinds of editing software to insert different filters and morphing features to our pictures for us to share with our friends through social media.


For this topic, we share some Photo Morphing Softwareand some fun features common to most morphing software, which adults and even kids can use and learn easily to edit out pictures and have fun while editing as this hobby can also enhance one’s creativity and use their imagination.



Sqirlz Morph is morphing software that is used for morph up several images and videos in a single image and video. Images can be morphed in a row or randomly. This is a free to download and use software which can be used to morph a family image into a single image. Complete Line of Products – Morph, Warp, Mix & Suite. Morpheus Photo Morpher v3.17 — Morphing software that transforms one person or object into another right before your eyes. Morpheus Photo Warper v3.17 — Distortion software that warps and exaggerates portions of photos such as body parts.


Face Morpher

Morpheus Photo Morpher


For starters, most morphing software have makeup and retouching tools for you to be able to make adjustments to your pictures and adjust face makeup or place makeup to make faces look more natural and fresh. Other morphing software also include photo effects tools for you to use on your pictures to enhance your pictures more for them to stand out. Other tools also include reshaping tools to adjust certain facial expressions for faces to look more natural.

Most software displayed for this article are free to download for you to try its different features and see which software would best fit your photo editing or morphing needs. Other software lets you do multiple face morphing editing in case you need to edit a batch of photos and want to finish quickly.

The software displayed for this article are also easy to use so that you won’t have difficulty with adjusting to a new photo editor, and these software don’t take too much space as well to save more storage in your hard drive. Some photo morphing software lets you do photo animations for you to play around morphing your pictures.

Other users also use different Video Morphing Softwareto edit more complex animations in morphing pictures and more options to make different GIF animations as well.

Photo Morphing Software Free

Free Face Changer

Download Photo Morphing Software Free

Face Off Max for Windows

Plastic Surgery Simulator for Mac

Face Changer for Android

Abrosoft FantaMorph – Most Popular Software

Other morphing software also give you options to do face swaps with another person for fun and other software also give you cloning and cutting tools to duplicate the same face for you to use for fun and for you to share with your friends. Though most morph editing software have different effects to use on editing photos, these software also have different photo editing tools to repair and make adjustments to your pictures.

Another fun feature in which some software also have is copy and paste tools for you to copy your face and place it on another body you would like your face to be in. Other software also have sharing options for you to easily share your artwork on social media or through e-mail.


Download Photo Morphing Software Downloads

Other photo morph editing software have advanced features taking face morphing to a new level such as having improved rendering engines for you to make photo morph animations for everyone to enjoy. Other tools also include dual monitor support for you to do multitasking on editing your photos, cropping tools, and application of different effects on different pictures on your animations.

If you need more photo editing software to use for fun or just to pass time, we would suggest that you also incorporate different Funny Photo Makersoftware to your pictures.

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Morphing software helps you to express yourself and show how creative you are. You can experiment with the software and this does not have any consequences. Videos can be created using these software and most of them are easy to use, easy to set up as well as install and support the user in the form of training videos and tutorials as well as documentation.


Best Photo Morphing Software

STOIK Morph Man

This helps in morphing of pictures as well as Dynamic morphing (video morphing). It can be used for distorting and warping images and for making animated transformations. It is user friendly and allows for high-quality warping and video morphing. It has powerful algorithms like vector shape tools, live preview, edge detection and more.


This has a lot of new morphing technologies. With this images can be warped and morphed with amazing quality and that to in a very simple way. It allows for various kinds of input files and the output can be in SWF movie, JPEG Sequence, AVI movie, BMP Sequence, GIF movie or GIF sequences.


This is a freeware and can be used for personal or business use. It is available on Windows and works as a standalone. However, it also doubles up as a plugin for Wax. This also comes with a French translation version.

Morph Age

This is an application which supports warping and morphing on OS X. The results can be saved to QuickTime movies. This allows for use of Smart Assist as well as interactive previews. It also allows prototyping in real time and Blending and distortion tools and motion curve editing.


This is simple, accurate and fast. Photo editing tools are possible as well as cropping, resizing, enhancing, adjusting and deforming of photos. It allows for easy zoom as well as redo and undo features. You can use it to share Morphing movies and video clips together and it can be exported in popular formats.

Formi – Face Morphing Video

This is extremely simple. Help+manual bug chrome for mac. All you need to do is choose the photos and position the facemarkers on it. Then the final details need to be added including the music or custom covers and then it needs to be shared.

Popular Morphing Software – FaceMorpher

This is used to create effects and animated transitions while the pictures are being morphed. There are different reasons why this can be used and how it can help. However, you only need to correctly mark various spots on the face like the nose, eyes, lips and other areas and then this ensures that the highest quality of morphing is made possible.

FantaMorph 5

This helps those who are used to morphing software as well as those who are using the software for the first time. There is a lot of help and support which is given to the user. It allows you to tweak your images before you can morph them. You can improve the accuracy of the morph by placing key dots outside the image.

What is Video Morphing Software?

These software are fast and can be run on multithreads as well as support pyramid algorithms. They allow for the morphed images to be seen real-time and a variety of input formats are supported. The outputs too can be had in various types of formats. You may also see Video Editing Tools

Some of these software allow for standalone applications and they have an intuitive shape based morphing. These also have keyframing, distortion and Blending and distortion tools so the user has full control. You may also see Animated Video Software

Shapes and curves can be controlled in some software as well as there are software which allows for mixing of traits and textures. It allows for accuracy of subpixels too and one can zoom as well as colorize or work with layers.

Best Free Morphing Software

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