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Printable bid sheet templates are the quick and easy way to bid on any job or project. Make a difference and showcase your bid for a project or RFP (Request for proposals) in a. Free Construction Bid Proposal Word Download. Free Construction bid proposal is carefully worded and takes into account all the pertinent details that are vital for a proposal in the construction business. Download the file to view in excel. You can see the preview of the templates by using Microsoft Word. 3 Construction Bid Template free download. Download free printable Construction Bid Template samples in PDF, Word and Excel formats. Construction proposal. This accessible template allows you to create a customized proposal for your construction project. It can be used by a subcontractor or a supplier. The table form calculates totals. You can even easily swap in your log! Jan 17, 2017 - When it comes to making big projects such as the construction of dams, roads, etc, bids are called upon and then the project is given to the chosen party. More information Construction Proposal Template – 10+ Free Word, Excel, PDF Format Download! Free & Premium Templates.

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by Diana Ramos on Feb 26, 2019

Whether you’re a construction contractor, freelance consultant, or vendor providing IT services, choose from a range of bid proposal templates below, including a request for proposal (RFP) template for soliciting bids. Customize these templates to match your business type and bid requirements.

Construction Bid Templates

Construction Bid Tabulation Template

Use this template to reduce errors when preparing a bid and to help calculate an accurate bid amount. For the purpose of comparison, bid items are listed along with contractor and engineer cost estimates. Contractors can use this template to see how their bid measures up to an engineer or client’s budgeted amount. You can also use the template to compile costs from subcontractors for a single construction job.

Download Construction Bid Tabulation Template

Excel Smartsheet

Abstract of Bids Template

Use this template to compare and rank contractors when collecting multiple bids for a construction project. You can easily modify this Excel spreadsheet template to include whatever criteria you choose for evaluating bidders. This template provides a quick way to compare bids, ensure that contractor qualifications have been verified, and help you make an informed decision.

Download Abstract of Bids Template

Excel Smartsheet

Construction Bid Proposal Form

This construction bid form includes sections for adding details, such as the name and location of the project, an estimated timeline, and contact information. After filling in these basic details, you can insert descriptions for the scope of the project and your terms and conditions. Signature lines are included for authorization and acceptance of terms. The template also includes a breakdown of labor and material costs, showing itemized expenses and total costs.

Download Construction Bid Proposal Form

Excel PDF

Business Bid Proposal Templates

General Bid Proposal Template

This basic bid proposal template provides an outline to follow when creating a proposal for any type of project. It includes a table of contents and sections for a detailed project overview, highlights of what the bidder has to offer in terms of experience and services, a schedule for specific milestones, and a list of supporting documents. Edit the template to reflect the needs of your business and any requirements of the job you are bidding for.

Download General Bid Proposal Template

Excel Word

IT Bid Proposal Template

Download Microsoft Word Contractor Bid Template FreeMicrosoft

Create a comprehensive bid proposal for IT jobs, whether you’re bidding to provide consulting services and evaluate a company’s IT needs or responding to a request for proposal for a project. Use the template to help your business and the services you offer stand out from the competition. The template includes space for an introduction, the specific duties involved, the payment terms, and more.

Download IT Bid Proposal Template

Excel Word

Independent Contractor Bid Proposal

Freelancers can use this template to bid on jobs by providing potential clients with a breakdown of project goals and deliverables, a timeline for each project phase, itemized costs, and client obligations. You can download the template as a Word document or fillable PDF file for quick editing. Create a proposal that looks professional yet is easily accessible for any type of business client.

Download Independent Contractor Bid Proposal

Word PDF

Software Bid Proposal Template

This template is designed for bidding on software development projects. It includes sections for a project summary, potential obstacles and risk factors, technology needs, important deadlines, and more. Estimated costs are broken down along with payment terms and other conditions. Signature lines are included to indicate client acceptance of the proposal.

Photography Bid Proposal Template

Bid on corporate photography projects with this proposal template, which allows you to highlight your portfolio while providing a detailed description of services, budget, and payment schedule. The template provides an outline that photographers can personalize to create a compelling and professional bid proposal.

Download Photography Bid Proposal Template

Word PDF

Cleaning Services Bid Proposal

Cleaning service companies can customize this bid proposal based on the type of job and the services they provide. Give clients a list of cleaning tasks to be performed according to the room or building area, cleaning products used, hourly costs, and grand total, including supplies. Consider including testimonials from other clients and background information about your business to help capture the attention of a potential customer.

Download Cleaning Services Bid Proposal

Excel Word

Contractor Proposal Template Microsoft Word

Request for Proposal Template

This RFP template provides a simple format for vendors to enter all of the information necessary for submitting an effective proposal. Include a description of the problem your business is trying to solve and how the project supports your organizational goals. Other template sections include scope of work, technical requirements, project schedule and terms, and requirements for proposal submissions. Make sure you clearly communicate your contact information and instructions on how and where to return a bid.

Downloadable Bid Templates Free

Download Request for Proposal Template

Excel Word

Federal Government Bid Proposals


Download Microsoft Word Contractor Bid Template Free Microsoft

The process of submitting proposals for government bid opportunities is highly regulated, and getting contracts can be very competitive. To apply for government solicitations, you will typically need to create a profile with the System for Award Management (SAM), a database for vendors. You’ll also need to know your tax ID number and D-U-N-S number, and you may need to supply a capability statement providing an overview of your company information and past performance. There are several types of solicitations that the government uses when requesting services, including a request for information, request for quotation, and request for proposal. See our “Master Builder’s Guide to Construction Bidding” for more information about these requests and creating effective government bids.

Regardless of the type of solicitation, however, it’s important to closely follow all the requirements in order for your bid to be considered. If you are new to the government bidding process, choose smaller-scale projects to increase your chances of being selected.

Bid Proposal Tips

Since a bid proposal can make or break your chance of securing a contract, the importance of crafting an effective bid can’t be overstated. And, because some projects are highly competitive and draw multiple bids, it’s essential to do more than just provide a customer with a list of services and expenses. Of course, the lowest bid is going to stand out, but a contractor or vendor also needs to show that they have the qualifications and experience to complete the job effectively. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you work on bid proposals:

  • Describe How and What: When outlining the goods or services you plan to provide, be clear about how you will complete the work, not just about the final end product. Doing this is especially significant if there is something distinctive about the way you are approaching a project or solving a problem for the client.
  • Show Personality but Be Concise: One way to stand out from other bidders is to convey who you are as a business or contractor. You can express this by including your company values, background, mission, or approach to collaboration and completing assignments. While you want to give enough information to be personal and compelling, you also want to balance that goal with eliminating unnecessary content. In addition, it is vital to be specific about work methods and project details in order to avoid misunderstandings down the road.
  • Be Realistic: Construction projects are notorious for taking longer than planned to complete, and deadlines (on any type of project) may get pushed back for good reason. But, your initial bid proposal should include a reasonable time estimate that is as accurate as possible. In the long run, underestimating the time you need will only work against you.
  • Include Important Terms: When you enter into a contract with a potential client, you may have to agree to their specific terms. But, when presenting your own terms for payment or other client obligations, consider including information about how you will handle change requests or work additions and options for dispute resolution in case a problem arises during the course of a project.
  • Be Strategic: When putting together your bid, understand how the bidding process works and keep your audience in mind. Do research on former bids to get an idea of how to create successful submissions. And, be sure to closely follow each requirement listed in an RFP.

Download Microsoft Word Contractor Bid Template Free

Finally, review your bid before sending it to ensure that it meets all requirements, is free from errors, and showcases what your company has to offer.

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