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Misconceptions about flexible work options abound. But what most misconceptions or criticisms of flexibility as a whole miss are the nuances that make all the difference between flexible work programs that succeed and those that fail.

Let’s dive into some of those nuances to figure out how to develop a work flexibility “sweet spot” that fits your organization for the long haul.

Perhaps you’ve heard of some of these?

  • Flexible work options are just perks for employees.
  • Managing flexible work arrangements is harder and more costly than managing traditional workforces.
  • Inconsistent flexible work policies are the source of worker jealousy in a lot of offices.

In fact, these were trotted out in the latest thought piece on the downsides of flexible work from the Wall Street Journal.

While the writer does conclude that, “Organizations, managers, and employees all benefit when they can be creative with workplace arrangements. Flexibility is a good thing, as long as it results in deals that are perceived as fair by the employees and leaders, and are manageable for the organization,” the article also spends a lot of time proliferating some of the negative misconceptions about flexible work arrangements.

Sara Sutton, CEO and founder of FlexJobs, says that articles like these reinforce the “perpetuated misunderstandings even amongst very smart people about what work flexibility can mean for companies and workers.”


She also points out that the article “makes conclusions that having flexible arrangements are ‘likely to be more costly and time-consuming than just having one deal and being done with it,’ without acknowledging the productivity and engagement benefits for the employer, let alone the retention, recruiting, real estate, and other financial benefits to the company.” Download google chrome version 72 for mac.

With that said, we want to focus on the real and measurable benefits of flexible work for companies and organizations, and how your organization can develop a well-crafted and implemented work flexibility program that avoids the pitfalls discussed in the Wall Street Journal article.

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3 Keys to Successful Flexible Work Programs

1. Don’t talk about your flexible work program like it’s a perk for employees.

A flexible work program should be developed as a strategic approach to doing business and getting work done, not as some sort of fluffy perk for employees.

How you discuss your flexible work program will ultimately color everyone’s perception of the program and its merits. Treating it as a perk, like free coffee in the break room, encourages people to use it the same way as other throw-away perks: use it, and maybe abuse it.

Instead, craft your work flexibility program as a strategic policy (check out real examples from employers) with goals that are tied to the company’s overarching business objectives and to the bottom line, and clear guidelines on who is eligible for which flexible work options and how. “Freedom within a framework,” as the WSJ put it.

2. Make it clear who is eligible for which types of flexible work and how they get access to it.

The article also points out that, “with idiosyncratic deals comes inconsistent treatment, and inconsistent treatment can result in people feeling as if they are not being treated equitably.” But this is definitely not just a problem with flexible work options.

As FlexJobs CEO Sara Sutton points out, “This is not a flexible work problem. There is absolutely idiosyncratic dealing and inconsistent treatment happening within brick-and-mortar, inflexible companies when it comes to pay, paid leave, treatment by managers, different personalities, gender equity, and more.”

The way those issues are dealt with in traditional companies is fully applicable to flexible work policies: make them transparent and understandable, and make it clear what results you expect to see from each person using flexible work.

The FlexJobs employer blog has a fantastic “Manage Flex Work” section that has dozens of helpful articles about managing flexible workers.

The WSJ article actually does a good job of explaining the basic tenets of a consistent flexible work policy:

  • “Be consistent in what you are requiring of people who are in the same positions. Even if people have different deals on how they work, they need to have the same requirement when it comes to the work output itself. Employees are more likely to feel they are being treated fairly if they see that everyone is held to the same standard.”
  • “Evaluate how well the arrangements are working. If they aren’t working well, they need to be changed. If they are, perhaps the deals should become a codified part of the framework.”

3. Match flexible work management tactics to the entire company.

The characteristics of excellent managers of flexible workers are actually fantastic managerial tactics for all employees, so adopt them company wide.

  • Be a proactive communicator. Regular check-ins, casual conversation, and asking, “What’s getting in your way or holding you back?” are all great ways to communicate openly with your team.
  • Measure performance and results, period. And measure key metrics monthly or quarterly, not yearly.
  • Focus on processes and process improvement to ensure productivity and well-supported staff.
  • Use a combination of communication tools, and make it clear which communication tools should be used for what. (IM for quick questions or casual chat, email for brainstorming, phone calls for deeper conversations, etc.).
  • Spot conflict early and talk about it openly. Especially in flexible environments where people are working relatively independently, don’t let conflict fester or office politics run amuck.
  • Don’t rely on “face time” or employee presence as an indication of productivity, reliability, or performance.

Are there downsides to flexible work policies? Absolutely. But they aren’t that much different from the downsides faced in an office environment.

So let’s stop believing that flexible work options are a throw-away perk, or are only good for employees, or that they somehow lower productivity, or hurt a company in the long run.

If done well, flexible work options can be a win-win-win situation for employers, workers, and society at large, including for our communities and the environment.

Interested in hiring flexible workers? Request an invite to FlexJobs!

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Download Free Best Buy Flexible Work Program

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