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  • Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses Internet Explorer 7.0 (x64) Change Log Internet Explorer 7 x64 was released to support Windows XP 64-bit and Windows Server 2003 64-bit versions.
  • Mar 11, 2008 so i went ahead and downloaded internet explorer 8 beta 1 because i remember media player 11 beta being so suceffull. But it turnes out - it sucks. It has some great new features, but its slow, and fuckes up on every site, when 7 was working perfectly. So i tried to go download explorer 7, but it wouldent let me because it said that since i have vista i already have it. So i tries to uninstall.

Internet Explorer 7 or later Install Instructions To install Windows Internet Explorer 9, click Download and follow the instructions on your screen.

How Can I Downgrade From SP3 To SP2?

Oct 17, 2008

On Add or Remove Programs, it says 'Service Pack 3' and I can remove it, but I'm not so sure if that's the right way. and I installed Windows XP on SP2, and updated my windows, and got SP3.

Why Downgrade To WXP?

Jul 20, 2009

I frequently see computer advertisements with the Vista OS and there is an option to downgrade to WXP. Why would anyone want to downgrade when XP will eventually be phased out and Windows 7 is on the horizon Years ago I bought a new computer with W98SE and within months WXP was on the market. A short time later W98 wasn't supported any longer. I know some individuals don't like Vista but isn't it just a matter of time when XP won't be supported by Microsoft I am an XP user and will soon be in the market for a new computer so haven't had the opportunity to try Vista

Downgrade From Vista

Dec 23, 2008

I've got a Lenovo X60 Tablet, which came preinstalled with XP. Last year I installed Vista Ultimate (OEM version), but of different reasons I do not want Vista anymore on my PC and want to downgrade to XP Tablet edition. I have now a XP Tablet edition that I want to install, but it crashes just after it have started the process.
PC is turned on, it boots from the USB CD-Rom drive, it starts to install the drivers, but when it comes to where it says 'restarting windows', it crashes and gives me a blue screen telling me that the disk can be corrupted, should be checked for viruses etc. etc. This have happened three times now, and now I have been searching the internet for information of how to work around this. I haven't found any good sources yet and hoped some of you guys at this forum could help me out

Should I Downgrade From Xp Pro To Win2k?

Aug 13, 2007

After trying VPC with Win2k I noticed everything is a lot faster and responsive, only start up is slower when compared to XP Pro. Should I downgrade to Win2K, This is unbelievable even though I was running in VPC Adobe Photoshop CS2 was running faster in the Virtual PC then it would on my XP

Ie7 Free Download

HP Dv9730US Downgrade To Xp Pro

Jul 7, 2008

i just bought a hp dv9730US. It comes with vista home premium. I want to downgrade it to Xp Professional or just XP home. I am having trouble finding the drivers for the applications

Laptop Sp3 Downgrade

Apr 20, 2009

We have a new laptop that came installed with XP SP3. Software that we use from Rockwell Software (several packages) is not certified for use with SP3. Is there any way to remove SP3 and get SP2 on it

Downgrade - Having Service Pack 3

Feb 13, 2009

I have service pack 3 on my desktop pc with windows xp. is it possible to downgrade to service pack, my wireless usb adapter will work on it properly, This is what I was told to do by a tech at Linksys just now, although it worked fine last night, they know they have issues with service pack 3 on xp, and have not got a driver working yet for service pack So they told me to downgrade my pc to service pack 2 until they do have a good driver

Downgrade - Vista Cant Load

Download Downgrade To Ie7 Vista FreeOct 5, 2009

I recently downgraded from vista to xp pro and during the downgrade i unplugged a 400 gb hard drive that i use only for storage. after a clean install of xp pro i plugged in the drive and while booting i get a wierd dos looking screen that says vista cant load or something of that nature. i unplug the drive and viola xp loads. this is just a back up drive with nothing but music and pictures on it. could vista have written something to the drive i cannot see? format is not an option. if i plug it in after xp loads it works great and i can access the drive perfectly

Downgrade From Server 2003 To XP

Nov 8, 2006

I have Windows Server 2003 on my laptop and would like to 'downgrade' it with Windows XP Professional. The CD-ROM (XP OS nstallation) does not allow my to INSTALL XP (cannot select the on) maybe because downgrades are not allowed. I also tried to reformat my hard-disk and install XP from scratch. My laptop have just one drive (C: drive). When I force to boot from my CD-ROM (BIOS settings), nothing happens Boot error

Recovery Vista After Downgrade To XP

Aug 31, 2008

With all the threads providing help for people who want to downgrade their Vista OEM branded systems to XP, I'm wondering how you go back to Vista if desired using the recovery partition. In this particular case the computer in question is a Dell. I successfully installed Windows XP, but the MBR was obviously overwritten, so the F8 and F11 keys do not provide the option to access the recovery partition. I did some searching on the web, but I wasn't able to find a solution to this

How To Downgrade My Service Pack 3 Into 2

Nov 16, 2009

good day to everyone, is there anybody can teach how to downgrade SP3 to SP2

Can I Downgrade Gateway SX2800 To XP?

Feb 2, 2010

Just got this computer but was just wonder in we can downgrade from vista to XP

Dos Window Appears After Downgrade From IE7 To IE6

Jan 17, 2007

Hello all firtst thanks for all the good advice i haved rec'd in the past. ie 7 decided to get me on the ms downloads my bad..went back to ie 6 via add/remove in ctl pnl worked fine now i'm at ie6. A dos window will appear on screen and attempt to download pages to my printer. The name on the window is 'C:WINDOWSTEMPWIN3E3-1.EXE. it can only be closed using the end task screen.

'Downgrade' Drivers Not Installing

Mar 31, 2008
Download Downgrade To Ie7 Vista Free

I posted here in February '08 about a downgrade from Vista Home Basic to XP Home, and received good information on finding the necessary drivers at the Acer website.
I got XP on the Acer up and running, Internet access, etc. all appeared fine. I am now adding speakers and unable to get sound. I viewed Device Manager and found to my surprise that I've got question marks next to Display Adapter >Video Controller and Other Devices > PCI Device. Interestingly, Sound, Video and Game Controllers appears normal in Device Manager, but no sound card appears in the list (interesting since it is lack of sound that prompted me to check in the first place

Downgrade From Professional To Home

May 6, 2009

Ie7 Download Xp

I recently had my computer crash. Then I had the misfortune of going to the wrong repair shop. Among other things, the tech, instead of reinstalling my Windows XP Home Edition from my disc, installed XP Professional from a disc he had.The tech also lost a lot if data and did some other things that I didn't like; I don't want to go back to him. I wonder what the best way is to get rid of Professional and install Home?What would happen if I just tried to install Home over Professional? Is there any way to downgrade from Professional to Home? I presume that what I have to do now is to uninstall XP Professional and then reinstall XP Home. Could I partition and put Home on a new partition and then uninstall Professional on the old partition? I know there is an abundance of websites that tell how to do a clean install, but could someone suggest one they feel is good?

Downgrade Got A Free Vista Upgrade

Aug 4, 2007

I got a PC on Boxing Day and got a free vista upgrade when vista came out.So when vista came out I installed it and it was running fine, Then about 3 months later all the problems started here are some of them:
PC takes about 15 minutes to start-up. Contactdesign water supply system. It goes to the loading then a black screen the after the 15 minuets have gone it goes to the screen where you pick the user you want and it's ok from there on Blue screens Control panel not working ,So Im looking to downgrade back to XP however I don't have an XP disk I have a Packard Bell is there a way I can downgrade with no CD, Someone said it's on a drive but its hidden

Can Install Windows 2000, 200 Downgrade

Jun 1, 2008

I recently bought an old laptop which originally came with Windows 98. The individual had upgraded the to Windows XP which causes the laptop to run slowly. Can you tell me what is the best (simplest) way to remove XP so I can install Windows 2000

Attempting Downgrade To XP - Vista Ultimate

Jul 26, 2009

I am attempting a downgrade on my Dell XPS M1530. It has Vista Ultimate. I have unallocated hard drive space for the XP partition. When I put in my XP disc, it loads and states that 'Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer. Make sure any hard disks are powered on and properly connected etc. etc.' How come this is happening? I know people have downgraded this specific laptop before, as it is all over the internet but I can't find anyone else getting this error

SP2 Downgrade - Windows XP Home Installed

Nov 3, 2005

computer came with Windows XP Home installed. I have the disk to upgrade to Professional and did so. My automatic updater downloaded SP2. When SP2 was installed; my computer reverted back to XP Home. Should I re-install XP Pro or is the same thing going to happen again

Cannot Downgrade From Vista To And Installing Drivers

Oct 8, 2008

I recently put XP on a Compaq Presario C700 CTO that came preinstalled with Vista. I had to change some things in th Bios for Xp to install and now I need some drivers. Nothing is supported. I received links for various drivers someone told me i needed but none of them worked partly because i wasn't sure how to install them as the instructions were useless. The drivers I'm missing are Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus, Ethernet Controller, Modem Device on High Definition Audio Bus, Sm Bus Controller, Video Controller, Video Controller (VGA Compatible), and one Unknown device which I think is my wireless (Atheros 06X Wireless Network Adapter). Any help as to how I can get these drivers installed and get XP working would be greatly appreciated.

Downgrade Fail On Toshiba L355D-S7815

Jul 25, 2008

I downgraded my Toshiba L355D-S7815 to XP. I decide to install drivers for the model but I've run into some difficult situations.As I reinstalled, I read the manual for it and I needed a driver for the 'AMD M780G chipset'. So I browse the AMD website and I find no luck, nor do I find any luck finding the ATI Radeon HD 3100 driver. I call up ATI and AMD and they tell me they don't have the drivers for it, but I've done some research and saw similar drivers for it, but wouldn't work on my laptop. I'm fed up with searching all day because it gave me a headache that now I want to switch back to Vista.
There's a hidden partition that Toshiba put in the HDD that will restore it, but the laptop gave me no recovery cd. I was wondering, is there anyway to access this hidden partition and reinstall Vista

Downgrade A Toshiba M200 Running Windows Xp

Sep 10, 2005

I have a toshiba m200 running windows xp. I want to downgrade from xp to windows 2000, but when i boot up my computer and insert the cd, it says 'setup is disabled because it is an older version of windows'. Of course those are not the exact words it said but, Is there any way to get around this

Cannot Downgrade System - Error Message 0x0000007b

Oct 6, 2007

I'm trying to install Windows XP Home Edition on my computer to replace Windows Vista but have a problem. After booting from the CD Windows setup happily inspects the hardware etc etc but upon the Message 'Windows is starting up' I am confronted by a BSOD and Error message 0x0000007b. Windows Vista currently runs fine and reports no problems with any hardware. I tried booting up a Linux distro and it did this quite hapily. Any workarounds for this situation? Is there a BIOS option i should be looking at changing or is my hardware too new for Win XP

Ethernet Drivers Won't Show Up System After Downgrade

Aug 1, 2009

I just downgraded from Vista/Win7 to XP. In Control Panel/system/hardware/device manger. It's showing no ethernet drivers. in network connections, nothing. How do I fix this so I can go online? Posted via Mobile Device

Downgrade Driver Compaq Presario Cq60-215dx

Jun 19, 2010

I have just downgraded tp XP from Vista(Worthless) on my Compaq Presario cq60-215dx. I installed the recomended drivers for this situation from ttp:// there is no sound, I am unable to activate windows with the product key. Keeps saying that can not connect, but i do have internet access

Downgrade 64bit Widows Standard 32 Without Formatting Drive

Jul 5, 2006

I just finished rebuilding my PC and Installed Windows Xp 64 edition since I already had it sitting on my desk. Figured I might as well to compliment the new 64bit CPU. Anyways, everything is running great except for a few 3rd party programs I like to used with a few games. I want to install regular XP Pro but have my HD as one single 80gig partition. My question is, Is it possible to have 2 selectable bootable OS's on the same partition? If so, how and if not, Is there a way to downgrade from 64bit of windows to standard 32 without formating the drive? Worst comes to worst, I could reformat and reinstall everything all over again but I would rather avoid that if possible.

HP Pavilion P6101f - Downgrade - Vista Home Premium To Pro

Jul 22, 2009

I bought an HP Pavilion p6101f that came with Vista Home Premium installed on it. I bought an OEM version of Windows XP Pro with the intention of downgrading the operating system. I was told that our network, which runs mostly XP Pro machines, might suffer problems if we installed a computer not running Vista - I guess mismatched OS's might pose problems.In any event, after I booted to Vista, I could not see an option to 'Install' XP upon seeing the associated dialog box after inserting the disc while in the middle of a successful Vista session. I then tried to boot to the XP CD, in order to install XP and then restore the system.I kept getting the Blue-Screen of Death.
The computer will begin to boot Fedora (Linux), Windows 7 repair disk, and maybe some others - but not XP Pro.
I want to install Windows XP Pro on my buddy's computer that came with Vista, but I am physically incapable of doing so.

Downgrade Dv6500 Vista OS - Lost Sound Drivers

Jan 29, 2008

I recently downgraded my HP PAVILION DV6500 from vista to xp because I was having complications with connecting a dial up plus other downloading other softwares. Now that my system is with xp, I have lost sound and some other drivers. I have tried downloading several drivers but none seem to work. Right now I have a laptop without sound or even VGA.I need help.Please,if anyone can send me a software to get back my sound and other drivers I will be most grateful. I like my laptop and don't want to lose it.