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About Ethiopian Protestant Mezmur. Ethiopian Protestant Mezmur is an English album released in 2015.There are a total of 53 songs in Ethiopian Protestant Mezmur.The songs were composed by talented musicians such as The Christians. Amharic Christian Mezmur Non stop Collection #1.

Mezmur Protestant

Read about -1 - Amharic Mezmur Collection - Ethiopian Protestant Mezmur - Amhari 234 by Amharic Mezmur Collection and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists.

Mezmur Protestant holds a prominent position in the preaching of Ethiopian Pentecostal Christian worshipers.

Ethiopian Protestants believe that music should be conducted only for God, therefore mezmur or music in the Ethiopian language has no cultural or ethnic boundaries.

Furthermore, Mezmur Protestant has no restrictions as to what instruments or style of music chosen to be used to perform.

Old Mezmur Protestant

Pioneers such as Addisu Worku were one of the earliest mezmur performers and Misrach Voice Radio was the medium he used to let the masses hear his work.

The Mulu Wongel Church was an early church that began to develop mezmur singers, this in part because it was established mostly by Ethiopians themselves.

By the 1960’s, the Mulu Wongel Church began to introduce Ethiopians to Amharic Mezmur Protestant songs as opposed to the foreign language songs which were the norm at the time.

By the 1970’s after the government shut down the Mulu Wongel Church, two choir groups (Tsion Choir and Mulu Wongel Choir) continued to develop their mezmur and were soon followed by the Meserete Kristos Church Choir, Mekane Yesus Church Choir and Bethel Choir.

In the beginning, aside from Addisu Worku, there were also other prominent solo Mezmur Protestant singers, some of which include: Dr. Atalay Alem, Eyerusalem Teshome, Gizachew Worku, Tesfaye Gabisso, Shewaye Damte, Dereje Kebede, Tadesse Eshete and Tamrat Haile.

New Mezmur Protestant

More modern Mezmur Protestant singers include Dagmawi (Dagi) Tilahun of Mulu Wongel Church, Kalkidan (Lilly) Tilahun of Kale Hiwot, and Elias Abebe of Assembly of God Church, among many others.

Instrumental or more commonly known in Ethiopia as classical Mezmur Protestant songs are very popular and Bethel Music Ministry and Fikru Aligaz are some of the most well known.

There are also reggae Mezmur Protestant groups such as the Ahava Gospel Singers and former secular singers such as Hirut Bekele and Muluken have produced mezmurs after their conversions.

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Unlike in the past, when Ethiopians had no support when they attempted their own version of Protestant Mezmur, today, there are over 20 digital Christian music studios in Ethiopia, some of which include: Kinnei, Bethelihem, COMNS, Nati, Begena, Albastor, CMM, Exodus, TDS, Shalom, Sami and Langanoo.


The following are 50 of the best old and new Amharic Mezmur Protestant that we hope you will appreciate.

1. Mihret Etefa - የምህረት ኢተፋ New Ethiopian Protestant Mezmur 2021

2. Lidya Shewalem - አይቀልብኝም - New Amharic Protestant Mezmur 2021

3. New Protestant Mezmur 2021

4. 1 Hr Best Ethiopian protestant mezmur Classical 2021

5. Bereket Merid Vol.2 Full Album- New Ethiopian Protestant Song Mezmur 2021

6. Yakob Million - Beheliwina - በህልውና - New Amharic Protestant Mezmur 2021

7. Mix - Lidya Shewalem - አይቀልብኝም - New Amharic Protestant Mezmur 2021

8. Yetaweklign - ይታወቅልኝ) - Esrael Tefera - New Amahric Protestant Mezmur 2021

9. Addisalem Assefa - New Amharic Protestant Mezmur 2021

10. Misgana Eyob - Tasarfaleh - ታሳርፋለህ - New Amharic Mezmur Protestant 2021

11. Jossy Alamerew - Yene Selam - የኔ ሰላም - New Amazing Ethiopian Gospel Song 2021

12. Zelalem Tesfaye - አልፈልግም - Alfeligim - New Amharic Mezmur Protestant 2021

13. Kebron Berhe - Yalant - ያላንተ - Mezmur Protestant 2021


Best Ethiopian Protestant Mezmur Collection

14.ክላሲካል ፕሮቴስታንት መዝሙር 2011 - New classical protestant mezmur 2021

Mesmur Protestant

15. 2021 Ethiopian Protestant Slow Mezmur Collection - ለስለስ ያሉ ምርጥ የአምልኮ መዝሙሮች ስብስብ 2010 - ቁጥር 1

16. Best Mezmur Protestant Worship - Zerfe Kebede 2021

17. ለስለስ ያሉ ምርጥ የአምልኮ መዝሙሮች ስብስብ 2021 Ethiopian Protestant Best Slow Christian Mezmur Collection 2

18. Addisalem Assefa - ጆሮዬን ልብሳ - New Amharic Mezmur Protestant

19. Tsehay Zeleke - Nu Enmeles - ኑ እንመለስ - Mezmur Protestant 2021

20. Tesfa Temesgen - Ante Kidus Neh - New Amharic Gospel Song 2021

21. Efrem Alemu - New Amharic Gosple Song - Mezmur Protestant

22. Elora Gospel Singers - ዘፀአት - New Amazing Gospel Song Mezmur Protestant 2021

23. New Ethiopian Protestant Song 2021

24. ህይወቴ - New Amahric Mezmur Protestant 2021 HD

25. Daniel Admassu - Wede Kiber - ወደ ክብር - New Amharic Mezmur Protestant 2021

26. Daniel Amdemichael - Old Ethiopian Protestant Mezmur Worship

27. የድሮ ፡ መዝሙሮች - Nonstop Ethiopian Old Timeless Mezmur Protestant Gospel Songs

28. ግዛቸው ወርቁ - የድሮ መዝሙሮች ስብስብ - Gizachew Worku - Old Amharic Mezmur Protestant

29. Kaleab Tsegaye Old Ethiopian Protestant Mezmur Mix ቃልአብ

30. ሲነጋም ሲመሽም - Old Mezmur Protestant

31. ኢየሱስ ኢየሱስ Best Old Amharic Mezmur

32. ዳግማዊ ፡ ጥላሁን - Dagmawi Tilahun - ምርጥ መዝሙሮች ስብስብ - Best of Dagmawi Tilahun Songs Old Mezmur Protestant

33. Amharic old Mezmur

34. ምርጥ ዘመን ተሻጋሪ የድሮ መዝሙሮች Best Old Protestant Mezmur

35. Yetselot Mezmuroch - የፀሎት መዝሙሮች - Mezmur Pente Prayer Songs Nonstop Collection

36. Daniel Amdemichael - Beautiful Mezmurs - የዳንኤል አምደሚካኤል መዝሙሮች - Ethiopian Mezmur Protestant

37. Old Mezmur Protestant Collection

38. አዲሱ ወርቁ - Addisu Worku - ምርጥ መዝሙሮች ስብስብ - Best of Addisu Worku Old Mezmur Protestant

39. የድሮ ፡ መዝሙሮች - EThiopian Old Timeless Gospel songs- Part-11

40. የድሮ ፡ መዝሙሮች - Ethiopian Old Timeless Mezmur Protestant Gospel songs- Part-11

41. የሊሊ የድሮ መዝሙሮች ስብስብ (Lili Tilahun Amharic old songs)

42. የድሮ መዝሙሮች - Nonstop Old Mesmur Protestant Songs Collection

43. Kaleb Tesfaye - መዝሙሮች - Nonstop Collection - Yedro Mezmur - Old Mesmur Protestant

44. Old Protestant Mezmur - Tekeste Alresawem

45. Addisu Worku - ዘመን የሚሻገሩ የ ጌታ ባሪያ የ አዲሱ ወርቁ መዝሙሮች - Old Amharic Mezmur Protestant Songs

46. የድሮ መዝሙሮች (Old Songs Collection)

47. Gizachew Worku Best Old Mezmur Protestant Song Collections

48. ኢየሱስ ኢየሱስ - Best Old Amharic Protestant Mezmur

49. Are Sintu

50. Tesfaye Gabiso - Amlake Bertatun - Best Old Amharic Protestant Mezmur


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Orthodox Mezmur. likes · 13 talking about this. Eritrean And Ethiopian Orthodox Mezmur. P’ent’ay is an Amharic and Tigrinya language term for a Christian of a Protestant denomination, of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo and Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo churches. All of the four main churches and others also share and listen to various gospel singers, mezmur (gospel music) producers and choirs. Stream Kalat Hisan New Eritrean Orthodox Mezmur by Henos Efrem from desktop or your mobile device.

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September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved from ” https: The four major Evangelical denominations in Ethiopia are: One such case was the death of a Mezmru from Merawi Full Gospel Churchafter allegedly being struck by an ax by an Orthodox priest.

But later, a contradiction in interpretation led to a less-known clash between those Christians who accepted the canon of other Churches, rejecting the Deuterocanon of the Septuagint.

Even though it is not comparable to the state sponsored persecution of the past, P’ent’ay Christians in Ethiopia still face persecution from private citizens in Muslim dominated rural orghodox. Since many of the P’ent’ay Christians are part of a larger, worldwide Evangelical community, the churches have been more involved in a lot of development work.

Free amharic protestant audio mezmur

Since the early s, killings and persecution have mostly stopped, particularly in the cities and areas near the cities, and there is a growing level of tolerance between Evangelical Christians and other religion followers.

During this period, most Ethiopians followed the Septuagint bible including all eritean the ‘Deuterocanonical books’ for a total of Yet this was a blessing in disguise for Evangelical Christians, since Mulu Wongel members attending other churches influenced them not only in faith but in music also.


Protestant Christians still face persecution in rural regions; however, there is a growing tolerance between the Ethiopian Orthodox, Muslims and the growing population of P’en’tay Christians in the urban areas of the country. But for the most part they are very Pentecostal in their worship and theology.

Retrieved 7 August The four major denominations also exchange pastors megabi and allow the preachers to serve in different churches when invited. However, since Mulu Wongel church itself didn’t have foreign support, its members faced persecution more often.

Evangelicals in Ethiopia believe that one should be saved by believing in Jesus as Lord and Saviour for the forgiveness of sins. Some P’ent’ay communities – especially Mekane Yesus – have been influenced by the Orthodox Tewahedo Church, which represents mainstream, traditional Ethiopian Christianity.

Webarchive template wayback links Articles containing Amharic-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from October Articles with unsourced statements from March Articles needing additional references from September All articles needing additional references Wikipedia external links cleanup from July Wikipedia spam cleanup from July Use dmy dates from October Lacking western ties, the Mulu Wongel church was outlawed by the Derg Ethiopian government in Music or Mezmur in Amharic, the Ethiopian national language plays a big role in preaching and the daily life of Ethiopian P’ent’ay Christians.

Download Eritrean Orthodox Mezmur Kabti Zkone [ MB] –

One of the earlier singers is Addisu Worku, who used to sing through Misrach voice Radio. Some of the early comers erihrean Mulu Wongel and Meserete Kristos choirs, which now have up to Choir E and F, with each having 8, 9 albums. The mostly rural churches like Qale Hiywet have eritraen faced persecution with aggressors often doing so with impunity.

All of the four main churches and others also share and listen to various gospel singers, mezmur gospel music producers and choirs.

Some believers will break down and lose faith but some will stay strong in faith. The mainstream Orthodox Church has claimed its earliest origins from the Ethiopian royal official said to have been baptised by Philip mezur Acts 9.


Evangelical Protestantism is an Amharic and Tigrinya language term for a Christian of a Protestant denomination, widely used in Ethiopia and among Ethiopians and Eritreans living abroad. The pastor wasn’t able to receive medical treatment due to the priest’s order to the authorities.

The P’ent’ay label may be an indication of the apparent prominence of the Pentecostal denomination at some point in the history of Evangelicalism in Ethiopia, even though many other branches such as Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterians and Mennonites also have a similarly wide presence. Despite these issues, compared to the past, the s have brought the most freedom of religion in Ethiopia.

An early church to develop other singers was Mulu Wongel church, since the church itself was mainly started by Ethiopians, as opposed to the foreign relations other Evangelical churches had with European and American missionaries.

Listen to Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Mezmur now.

This article’s use of external links may not follow Wikipedia’s policies or guidelines. At the end, my people will see light as government changes and a new order arrives. Protestant Christians face persecution both by the Orthodox Church and by Muslims in rural areas of Ethiopia.

July Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Ethiopian Protestant Mezmur Free Download

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