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With the DMU 65 H monoBLOCK and DMC 65 H monoBLOCK DMG MORI will be presenting the new highlight in horizontal machining at the Open House in Pfronten. The unique horizontal gantry design makes the machines ideally suited for demanding applications like those in the machining of aerospace structural components, for example. Chicago, Illinois – As has become tradition, the focus of the DMG MORI Open House event at DECKEL MAHO Pfronten, Germany, January 26-30, 2016, will be on the latest innovations and groundbreaking technologies. In an exhibition space of 79,653ft², the machine tool manufacturer will be showcasing 90 high-tech exhibits live in operation – DMG. Open House, Pfronten Region Germany Date 2020/02/11 - 2020/02/15. We will hold a DMG MORI Open House at Pfronten in Germany.

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Dmg Open House Pfronten 2018minew

As has become tradition, the focus of the DMG MORI Open House event at DECKEL MAHO Pfronten from 14th to 18th February 2017 will be on the latest innovations and ground-breaking technologies. On an exhibition area of over 8.500 m² the machine tool manufacturer will be showcasing 80 high-tech machines live in operation, including three world premieres – the LASERTEC 75 Shape, the 3rd generation DMU 50 and the CLX 350 – as well as highlights from the die & mould, aerospace and medical branches. The tone will once again be set by the omnipresent topic “Digital Factory” at this year’s event in Pfronten. For DMG MORI Industry 4.0 in process and product means supporting customers with software in every process step. In the Showcase CELOS Factory DMG MORI will be presenting the complete process chain – from the idea to the finished product. Highlights of power tools, CELOS, and Industry 4.0 machine will be presented demonstrating the production of a component right through to the intelligent machine. Additionally, new automation solutions will be showcased like Robo2Go and a flexible production system with LPP linear pallet pool.

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  • Smallest footprint in its class: 16.5 m²
  • Main spindle with 3,000 rpm and max. 1,194 Nm
  • Large bar diameter of 102 mm
  • Large work area thanks to compactMASTER Turn & Mill spindle with a length of 350 mm and a torque of 122 Nm
  • Multi-tasking: Direct Drive B-axis for 5-axis simultaneous machining of complex workpieces
  • High flexibility thanks to X-axis travel distance up to -125 mm beneath the centre of the spindle
  • CELOS with FANUC and CELOS with SIEMENS available

We will hold a DMG MORI Pfronten Open House at DECKEL MAHO Pfronten in Germany. 18 (Sat), 2017 Venue. DECKEL MAHO Pfronten DECKEL MAHO-Str. 1 D-87459 Pfronten Check map(GoogleMaps).

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Hard on the heels of the NTX 2500 2nd Generation exhibited at EMO 2017, DMG MORI will be presenting the latest model of its compact turning-milling centres in the form of the NTX 3000 2nd Generation at the Open House in Pfronten. This world premiere is designed for larger bar diameters of 102 mm and is also capable of machining the most complex of components with a torque of up to 1,194 Nm. As with its smaller siblings, the experience gained from more than 1,000 installed NTX 2000s is also brought to bear in the NTX 3000 2nd Generation. The latest model is therefore also endowed with high process stability and flexibility with a generous work area (675 mm in the X-axis and +/-150 mm in the Y-axis) on a footprint of only 16.5 m².