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A modern CNC milling machine must be productive, flexible and easy to use. The models of the CMX in C-frame construction series U prove this. The new 19 'DMG MORI SLIMline® multi-touch control with operate on SIEMENS or the 15' DMG MORI SLIMline® Panel with the HEIDENHAIN TNC 620 control, make it easy to get the maximum performance to beginners as well as experienced professionals. Used machines, Machining centres, DMU 80 P hi-dyn.

With over 40 years’ experience in turning and milling applications, SUMMIT AEROSPACE USA INC. (SAUI) is focused on excellence in machining services. SAUI’s equipment and technology are continuously updated. SAUI has excelled in reducing cycle times using unique machining solutions and knowledge in order to increase our production rates and offer competitive pricing. Our machining capabilities enable fabrication of prototype, first off, and custom volume production. SAUI is capable of machining components as small as 1/8”, mill parts as large as 42” diameter on our 5 axis mills and 30” x 80” on our largest vertical, and turn parts as large as 40”. SAUI regularly holds tolerances of +/-.0005 inch and sometimes better. Our expertise includes:

  • Seven (7) CNC machining centers
  • Fifteen (15) CNC Lathes
  • Precision CNC and manual milling and turning
  • NC / CNC programming
  • Custom fixture design and manufacturing
  • Custom Tools and Fixtures
  • CAD/CAM and Prototyping

Information about the used 5-axis continuous DECKEL MAHO DMU 80 P hi-dyn machining center

Dmg dmu 80 p hi dynminew hi

DECKEL MAHO machining centers are centers which have great popularity at European level. This German brand has been manufacturing both centers and lathes for many years. It is introduced in the railway, aeronautical sector, the mold sector, tooling and machining in general. DECKEL has always sold machines of German reliability and proven reputation. Grandmaster 2site de dj brab.

This machining center DECKEL MAHO DMU 80 P hi-dyn specifically was bought from the company PORSCHE, the popular manufacturer of luxury cars. This machine comes from the R&D department that is intended for prototyping. For this reason this machine has not suffered a great workload. It is in perfect condition. We are talking about a 5-axis continuous technological production machine. In addition to having the X, Y, Z axes, it has an axis in the head (axis A) and another axis in the rotary table (axis C). It has an ISO 50 cone, which makes this machining center a heavy machine at 8,000 rpm. It is equipped with control HEIDENHAIN iTNC-530.

Dmg dmu 80 p hi dynminew hi

Furthermore, this high-performance machining center is equipped with an optical transmission probe from the prestigious Renishaw brand, a chip conveyor, internal coolant supply and it has a 120-tool magazine, which gives it a very wide machining versatility.

Technical features of the second-hand 5 axis DECKEL MAHO DMU 80 P hi-dyn machining center

Rotary table dimensions:Ø 630 mm
Maximum weight on table:600 kgs
Distance spindle-table:180-680 mm
X-axis traverse:800 mm
Y-axis traverse:700 mm
Z-axis traverse:600 mm
A-axis:+ 45º -30º
Spindle taper:ISO 50
Speed ​​range:20-8000 rpm
Equipped with:
Electronic Handwheel:HEIDENHAIN HR-410
ATC tool changer:120 tools
Internal cutting oil with paper filter:20 bares
Temperature controller:KNOLL
Temperature compensator:Yes
Chip conveyor:Yes
Chip trolley:Yes
Smoke extractor:Mist
Workpiece measurement system:Laser Blum
Probe:Renishaw OMP60
Software:TNC REMO
Dmg Dmu 80 P Hi DynminewDmg dmu 80 monoblock

Need more information about this second-hand 5 axis DECKEL MAHO DMU 80 P hi-dyn machining center?

Contact us and we will inform you without any commitment on this DECKEL MAHO DMC 80 P hi-dyn machining center. Please feel free to visit our facilities located in Parets del Vallés (Barcelona), where we have all kinds of new and used industrial machinery: Conventional milling machines, cnc milling machines, conventional lathes, cnc lathes, grinders, etc.

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Dmg Dmu 80 P Hi Dynminew Hi

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Dmg Dmu 80