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The implementation of our professional development and school services depends on a diverse and active community of educators. Learn more about IBEN; Become an examiner. Examiners are highly valued as an essential part of student examination - ensuring integrity within the IB’s programmes. Texas Water Development Board. 1700 North Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78701 TEL: 512-463-7847 / FAX: 512-475-2053. Footer Social Media Navigation. Development and Design-Build Solutions You know what your business needs. But getting to the start of construction with the right financing, the best site, and optimal design is no small task. Mortenson Development has the expertise to fill the gaps. Development in Southeast Asia: Opportunities for donor collaboration. Tuesday, December 15, 2020. Lessons from the proliferating mini-grid incentive programs in Africa.

Will a .prg game run on power 64 for macsteellasopa. Development or developing may refer to:


  • Business development, a process of growing a business
  • Corporate development, a position in a business
  • Energy development, activities concentrated on obtaining energy from natural resources
  • Green development, a real estate concept that considers social and environmental impact of development
  • Land development, altering the landscape in any number of ways
  • Land development bank, a kind of bank in India
  • Fundraising, also called 'development'


Biology and medicine[edit]

  • Child development, between birth and the end of adolescence
  • Development (journal), an academic journal in developmental biology
  • Developmental biology, the study of the process by which organisms grow and develop
  • Developmental psychology, the scientific study of how and why human beings change over the course of their life
  • Drug development, the entire process of bringing a new drug or device to the market
  • Embryogenesis, or development, the process by which the embryo is formed
  • Human development (biology), the process of growing to maturity
  • Neural development, the processes that generate, shape, and reshape the nervous system
  • Personal development, or self-help
  • Prenatal development, the process in which a human embryo or fetus gestates during pregnancy
  • Tooth development or odontogenesis


Other Names For Professional Development

  • Artificial development, an area of computer science and engineering
  • Software development, the development of a software product
  • Web development, work involved in developing a web site
  • Mobile app development, act or process by which a mobile app is developed


  • Development (album), a 2002 album by Nonpoint
  • Development hell, when a project is stuck in development
  • Filmmaking, development phase, including finance and budgeting
  • Musical development, a compositional process

Social science[edit]

  • Community development, practices to improve various aspects of communities
  • Developing country, a nation with a less developed industrial base
  • Development aid, financial aid given by governments and other agencies
  • Development geography, a branch of geography which refers to the standard of living and quality of life of inhabitants
  • Development studies, examines socioeconomic growth and development, especially in developing countries, and may overlap with postcolonial studies
  • Economic development, the process by which a nation improves the economic, political, and social well-being of its people
  • European Development Fund, the main instrument for European Union (EU) aid for development
  • Human Development Index, used to rank countries by level of human development
  • Human development (humanity), the science that seeks to understand how and why people of all ages and circumstances change or remain the same over time
  • International development, usually level of economic development
  • Regional development, aid and assistance to regions which are less economically developed
  • Rural development, the process of improving the quality of life and economic well-being of people living in rural areas
  • Sociocultural evolution, how cultures and societies have changed over time
  • World Development (journal), an academic journal on international development
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Other uses[edit]

  • Development (differential geometry), rolling one smooth surface over another
  • Development (topology), a countable collection of open coverings
  • Development, a term used in chess
  • Development of doctrine, a term used by John Henry Newman to describe Catholic teachings
  • Driver development program, a program used by racing teams to develop younger drivers

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Developing Triathlon for the future

World Triathlon is committed to supporting the development of the sport worldwide and seeks to support these goals through strong relationships with Continental Confederation and National Federation members, working with its partners to offer a balanced sport development programme from grassroots to a high performance level. World Triathlon has a number of established sport development initiatives that address the needs of young and elite athletes alike, with particular focus on those from emerging and developing federations. These initiatives form the foundations upon which National Federations, particularly developing and emerging federations, can build an effective athlete development pathway – a key element of any long-term performance sports strategy. Such a pathway is so important as federations, athletes and their coaches strive for sustained competitive excellence at all levels of the sport.

In March 2018, ASICS became Global Development Partner of World Triathlon.