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We typically respond to emails within 2 business days. Filters and Spam blockers can and have eliminate messages from reaching us and our customers. If you have sent and email and have not received a response, please contact by phone. Spam email has caused us to install a custom filtering system. To be certain we receive your email inquiry, please be certain to use words in the subject that pertain to our industry (e.g., adapter, photo, or a camera equipment brand name). Emails without a relevant subject can still get through, but they are sorted by hand.

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Address for US Mail:


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S.K. Grimes
P.O. Box 1724
Woonsocket, RI 02895

Address for UPS, FedEx:


Contact Us The Mechanic Movie

Contact us the mechanic training

S.K. Grimes
32 Mechanic Ave, Unit 222
Woonsocket, RI 02895

We ship and receive daily using UPS, USPS, FEDEX. With the exception of Airborne Express, We have an excellent record with them. You may ship to us with confidence. It is our default practice to use regular ground UPS with a declared value of $100.00 for domestic shipments. International shipments are sent via USPS Priority Mail with the $50 built in insurance and tracking. Please note “up front” if you want something else and review the shipping section of our service agreement. FedEx shipping is available if charges are applied directly to your account.

The Postal Service is the most cost effect method for International Shipments. UPS, FEDEX, etc often add on special handling charges and attract Customs Fees. All customs charges and brokerage fees will be billed to you if you must use those services for international shipments.

From points south of Woonsocket, RI : 95 North to 146 North to 99 North – See map.

From Boston : 95 South to 295 South to 146 North to 99 North – See map. This may sound like a round about way to get to the shop, but it is far clearer than trying to negotiate all the back roads and since most of it is highway, it’s just as quick.

From points East and North : 146 South to intersection at Sayles Hill Road . Take a left onto Sayles Hill Road . After approx 1 ½ miles take another left onto Route 99 North – See map.

  • Please include a cover letter with Name, Contact Information, and a Description of Work Needed so we can identify your equipment and associate it with any email correspondence. Please keep in mind we have many phone conversation and that we do not record them.
  • Please insure your package for the amount you are comfortable with and let us know what amount of insurance you would like on return shipping. Our default at this time is $100 on UPS and $50 on USPS Priority.
  • Pack items to protect optics and openings of sensitive areas.
  • In lieu of caps, cardboard squares can be cut to cover openings.

Contact Us The Mechanics

  • Use rubber bands to secure the cardboard and then place the item in a plastic bag. Add more rubber bands as needed.

Contact Us The Mechanic Training

Contact Usthe Mechanic
  • Wrap the plastic bag in bubble wrap and add rubber bands.
  • Please avoid tape as it will require us to use a knife when opening and we wish to keep sharp objects away from your equipment.

Contact Us The Mechanic License

  • We recommend choosing a box size that allows 2-3 inches around the item on all side.
  • Make sure it can’t shift in any direction.
  • Pack in the item so that there is some over filling. The slight resistance in closing the box means it’s less likely to move during transit.

Contact Us The Mechanic Company

  • For heavy items it can be useful to double box. Place the item in well packed box and then place that box inside another larger box. You should still have 2-3 inches total space to the outer wall. The inner box will add extra rigidity.