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  • دانلود مد Middle Earth Project: دانلود بازی مد: معرفی و دانلود بازی Crusader Kings II: پرسش و پاسخ: به مشکلی در نصب برخوردید؟ در کانال تلگرام وب سایت راه حل خود را خواهید یافت! ورژن مد: 0.8291: ورژن بازی: Crusader Kings II 3.3.
  • Middle-Earth-Project-Team has one repository available. Follow their code on GitHub. Fantasy mod for CK2 based on Tolkien's universe Lua 6 12 23 (1 issue needs.
  • Mar 12, 2020 subreddit for the users of the Middle Earth Project mod for Crusader Kings 2. Created Mar 12, 2020. R/ck2middleearthproject Rules.
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The Middle Earth Project is expaning and as such the good people of Steam have taken it upon themselves to create various sub mods. Anything within this list has been tested and should be fully compatible with the current version of our Mod.

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Ck2 Middle Earth Project

How To Play CK2 - Middle Earth Project Mod - YouTube

How To Play CK2 - Middle Earth Project Mod - YouTube

This is a full conversion Tolkien mod for Crusader Kings 2 which will feature bookmarks throughout the Third Age. This mod is being developed independently from any other LotR or Middle Earth mods out there. The map will cover the main areas of Middle Earth, known in the books and films. So, Middle-Earth is waiting for you! Will you play as the descendant of one of the noble families of Rohan or Gondor? Will you try to reforge the ancient kingdoms of Elves in Eriador? Or will you try to destroy all the Free Peoples, and claim Middle Earth for Morgoth? This mod will give you a unique strategy experience of the Third Age in Middle-Earth. From Forodwaith to Bellakar, from Lindon to Rhûn, lead your dynasty and survive the Dark Times. Become one of the most important Lords of the Age!