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In case, your system have older version of Crystal report runtime, the installer will ask you whether to upgrade the version. Click next to confirm or cancel to cancel. Follow the rest of the instructions which are basically bunch of next buttons and click finish at the end.

Learn how to install crystal report runtime and tackle visual studio error which requires crystal report runtime.

The SAP Crystal Report is the business intelligence reporting toolcurrently marketed to small business.You can design reports both in environment as well as Windows Forms and WPF environment. In past, SAP changed its name many times and currently it is known as SAP Crystal Reports, developer version for Microsoft Visual Studio. The reporting tool is free for developers to use it for development purpose only.

How to install Crystal Report Runtime

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What is Crystal Report Runtime

To run Crystal Reports in .net environment using Visual Studio, you will need to install Crystal Report Runtime engine on Client Machine. This engine consists of libraries and functions which are needed to show the reports.

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How to download

Download Crystal Report runtime (Direct Link)

Below are the given direct download links which will install the crystal report runtime engine easily

Crystal Report runtime Support Pack 19 - Latest Version

  1. Windows Server 2016
  2. IIS 10 on Windows Server 2016
  3. Addressed over 10 customer Incidents.

Crystal Reports Older Version download

Support Pack 18
  1. Supports Visual Studio 2015 Update3
  2. Also support SQL Server 2014
  3. Support for SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 17
  4. Addressed several customer Incidents.
Support Pack 17
  1. Support for Firefox ESR 45.
  2. Support for Office 2016.
  3. Addressed 10 customer Incidents.
  4. SAP HANA SP12.
Support Pack 16
  1. Support for Edge browser on Win 10.
  2. Support for Safari 9 on Mac OS 10.11.
  3. Addressed several Incidents.
  4. Support for HANA SP11.
Support Pack 15

Download Crystal Reports Developer Edition for Visual Studio

Crystal Reports For Visual Studio 2019 can be downloaded from the following link. This version will work on a version of Visual studio 2010 and above.

Older Version Crystal Reports For Visual Studio download links

Crystal Reports Version

Supported IDE

Developer Edition Download

Runtime Download

Service Pack 25

Visual Studio 2019, 2017,2015,2013,2012,2010

How to Install Crystal Report runtime

  • First of all, login in to your PC as Administrator and follow the below instructions.

  • Choose the same version of crystal report runtime as of Crystal report for visual Studio and if your operating system is 32 bit or 64 bit, choose the version accordingly.

  • Download the zip file of Crystal Reports Runtime from the above given links and unzip and double click on .msi file

  • Go to next

  • Accept the licence agreement and go to next

  • In case, your system have older version of Crystal report runtime, the installer will ask you whether to upgrade the version. Click next to confirm or cancel to cancel.

  • Follow the rest of the instructions which are basically bunch of next buttons and click finish at the end. This will successfully install crystal reports runtime in your system.

In conclusion,You can now run your crystal report application without any issues.

Maybe sometimes you need to include the crystal reports runtime in your application project. In that case, go to Official site to download Crystal reports wiki page and download MSM File. You can then learn to include MSM file from the following link Using Crystal Reports Merge Modules MSM to create a Setup project

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