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For more information Classic Fender tone, future-forward technology The ultimate collection of iconic classic Fender® tub. AmpliTube Fender is the first and only official guitar/bass Amp and FX software suite made by IK Multimedia in cooperation w/ legendary music icon Fender. With a collection of 45 pieces of gear collected from the most sought after classic and modern Fender amps (including the '65 Twin Reverb, '57 Deluxe, '59 Bassman LTD, '64 Vibroverb Custom. It's been rolled out in various forms, including AmpliTube 2, Jimi Hendrix, Ampeg SVX, Metal and now the officially endorsed Fender version. All bear the 'Powered by AmpliTube' legend, and between them they cover an impressive 38 amps, 45 cabinets, 57 pedals and 30 rack effects. They really need to hurry the hell up with this thing. I've been comparing at4 max to the corresponding marshall/engl/fender equivalents in softube amp room and the new ml stevie t set and yeah, let me tell you. Amplitube needs a refresh. Because it has a signature dark, compressed sound that isn't really evident until you a/b it with some other stuff. Even running it through the same ir.

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The latest plug-in for IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube modeling software goes after a handful of iconic tweed and blackface tones from the golden era Fender amps. Included are models of tweed versions of the Deluxe, Champ, Pro, Twin, Bassman, Bandmaster, and a blackface Super Reverb. Getting up and running is rather easy: I just plugged straight into my interface, fired up AmpliTube, and away I went.


A hallmark of tweed amps is how important the guitar’s volume knob is to the equation. It can move from a glassy funk tone to old-school Stones rather quickly if set up correctly. I wore out the Layla album, so I headed straight for the ’57 Custom Champ. The immediate response and feel was there, and the reaction with the single volume knob on the Champ allowed for rather believable tones.

As I maxed out the virtual Champ’s volume, there was plenty of grind and I found myself reaching for the volume knob on my guitar more than I had expected. I went for the “Derek Trucks” setting on the Super Reverb (treble all the way up) and that biting, but not piercing, tone was there. Just a heads up: There is a bit of a learning curve in decoding the ins and outs of the AmpliTube software, but once you get past that you access a stash of holy grail amps that require way less maintenance than the originals.

Test gear: Fender Telecaster, Focusrite Scarlett 2i4


Very convincing amp tones. More options than you’d ever need.

Rather steep learning curve.

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