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1- How to remove your Alfa Romeo radio ?

Car radio codes are available to unlock the CD or cassette player found in most vehicles using the serial number from the radio or the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Codes are supplied to both the public and trade without the need to attend a main dealership. We provide an easy to use cost efficient service to all customers, buy in.

Radio Alfa Fm

So we'll start by making sure that the car's engine is shut down. You must now have the car radio release keys for the first step. With these car radio removal tools, you will remove the outer cover of your alfa romeo radio. Now, simply pull the outer cover with these extraction keys.

Alfa Radio Code Software App

Alfa Romeo Radio Code Generator can help you get any Alfa Romeo car radio code! This free application provide the right Alfa Romeo radio code in ten minutes. Every once in a while you can be confronted with the same problem when it comes to the audio system in your own automobile. The car radio code is a security system that protects your alfa romeo radio from thieves, but if you remove the radio from your vehicle or disconnect the battery, you will need to enter your alfa romeo unlock code so that the head unit can operate again. Most times the radio code is printed on a small card and included in your owner's manual. Radio Code Software. Radio code alfa romeo 156 plese help me whit radio code on my alfa 156. My serial number 815BP45. Thank you very much!

Why should you use the car radio release keys to remove the alfa romeo radio?

I always recommend using proper tools to remove the alfa romeo car radio. Many people do not have the car radio extraction tools at home, but these removal tools are relatively cheap and you can order them from amazon.

When you remove the alfa romeo radio from the car without using the extraction keys, do not rush to remove it. You could break the outer plastic or even damage the car stereo wiring.


You must use the extraction keys simultaneously and push them in both sides of the alfa romeo radio to extract it. This is a simple process and you can easily remove the external cover. Be careful not to damage you.

'remove alfa-romeo radio'

Now that the external cover of your alfa romeo radio is removed, you can see the plastic inside. You can easily remove the inner plastic with your hands. Now, you just have to push up and down, then remove the inner plastic. Normally, it comes out easily, you have to be careful and slow to avoid breaking frames.

You can still use two extraction keys and put them at the corners of the radio frames and pull the frame by exerting pressure on the extraction keys. If it still does not work, you will have to remove the metal that holds it inside.

To remove the metal clamps that keep your alfa romeo radio from getting stuck in one position, you will need two clamps. Hold the corners of the frames with these pliers and pull them out slowly.

Very carefully, remove it by holding the two forceps firmly with your hands. You will need to remove it using both forceps simultaneously. When pulling it, make sure it is straight, otherwise it could break or get stuck. I always recommend following the instructions in the instruction manual supplied with your alfa romeo radio.

You can find thousands of guides in how to remove alfa romeo radio using Youtube or google if you want to take care of this task yourself.

2- How to find Alfa Romeo radio serial number ?

Then you will need the serial number alfa romeo to retrieve your car radio code.

You can find this serial number on the anti-theft identification card that is usually placed in the glove box at the time of purchase. you can also find the serial number of the radio on the screen of your alfa romeo radio itself.

Alfa radio code software windows 7
'alfa romeo radio serial number'

There are different types of alfa romeo serial numbers, or as called sometimes the 'security code'. These are located on the top or side of the car stereo box or printed on the label. As the example shows, this is the information needed to generate the correct car radio unlocking code for you. An example of this would be 'BP630265340675', Please see the images below for reference.

'alfa romeo radio serial number'

Alfa Radio Code Software Mac

The serial number is sometimes printed in the metal case, as indicated by the serial number of this alfa romeo radio.
It is essential to ensure that all numbers and letters are correct in order to get the correct unlock code for your alfa romeo radio.

'alfa romeo radio serial number'

Once you have the information you need, get your alfa romeo unlock code by filling out the form above with serial number and email address.

Alfa Radio Code Software Downloads

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Download & Purchase

January 21st 2021: Android version

Various updates and fixes.

Android free demo

The limitations of the demo version are:
- Application run time limit of 15 minutes. Application returns to the first screen after 15 minutes of connection to a control unit.
- No active diagnostic procedures available
- The number of scanned gauges is limited by four
- The number of monitored parameters is limited by four
Other features are same as in the full version. No expiration is imposed on the application.

Android full version

The price for the full version is USD 49,00. No time limit for the license, all future updates included.

The activation of the license is done by Google Play or Amazon. If purchased on Google Play, when opening the application for the first time make sure that Google Play is accessible under the account used for the purchase. It can take several minutes for Google Play to process the purchase, during this time the license activation is not available, please try later.
Contact [email protected] in case of an activation issue.

Note: The Android and PC versions are sold separately. There is discount for the users of the full Android or PC versions for the purchase of the other version, for the details please contact [email protected]

AlfaOBD for PC

January 21st 2021: Version

Various updates and fixes.

NOTE: .NET framework 4.0 or later required for the PC version to run.

Download AlfaOBD for PC windows installer

Download AlfaOBD for PC rar archive

Windows Mobile (CE, 4.2, 5.0) (discontinued), ver. 1.8.9: AlfaOBD for Windows Mobile PDA

Please note that the software requires activation for full access to the active diagnostic, configuration, and manual connect features. Other features are available in the free version. There is no expiration for the free version, although the run-time is limited by 15 minutes.


The price is 56.7 USD in your local currency (VAT included). No time limit for the license, all future updates included. You can transfer the license to another PC free of charge.

Starting from ver. the license orders and activations are processed by, our online Merchant of Record .
To order a license:
- Install the app on your PC, open it and switch to the About tab. Click the 'Purchase/Activate from' button, wait for the order window to open and click the 'Buy Now' button.
- Enter an active email address. The license code is linked to this address and you are expected to use this address in all order-related communications with and AlfaOBD. Click 'Continue', select the purchase option and proceed with the purchase.
- Within an hour after the purchase you will receive the license activation mail. If the mail is not received, check the mail client spam folder. In case of an issue please contact [email protected]
- To activate the license, open the app, switch to the About tab, click 'Purchase/Activate from' and click the 'Activate License' button, enter the data and activate the license
Note: if you purchase using the credit card option, the license code can be provided immediately after the order has been processed. The activation mail will be sent to you with a copy of the license code.

To transfer the license to another PC, first deactivate it on the current one. Open the app, switch to the About tab, click 'Purchase/Activate from', and click 'Deactivate' on the activation window. Then, on the new PC, install and open the app and activate the license as described above.
In case your PC has crashed and you can't deactivate the license to transfer it to another PC, contact [email protected] .

NOTE: The customers who purchased the license before Aug. 11th 2020, or the customers who purchased the license from the distributors, please use the old activation model:

The list of supported ECUs is constantly being extended. It depends on the user feedback which ECUs will be added first.

Contact [email protected] for more information and support.

What to expect:

- Support for more Fiat / Dodge / RAM / Chrysler cars

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